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What's the difference between waxing/threading and plucking?

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MadBusLady Wed 01-May-13 20:11:18

I've been looking at lots of old threads about this and a lot of people seem to be saying that plucking somehow encourages hair growth in a way that threading and waxing don't?

Is this true and if so, how the hell does that work? Because the same process is occurring in both cases, the hair is being torn out at the root.

I'm trying to decide what to do about the tache that has suddenly sprouted on coming off the pill. sad

spanishring Wed 01-May-13 20:54:48

I think gradually, over time, all the mentioned methods will weaken the root so eventfully hair grows back thinner/ weaker. Plucking has that reputation more so perhaps because people tend to do it more, every day ( over plucked 90s eyebrows being an example) in some cases. Because actually as you say, it's the same action.
I think bleaching is a better idea as it doesn't cause any rash.

BinksToEnlightenment Wed 01-May-13 20:58:30

The difference really is in how it affects the skin and how much pain it causes. Ripping hair out at the root is ripping hair out at the root no matter what is used to grasp it.

I would try them all and see which you prefer.

MadBusLady Wed 01-May-13 21:04:48

Thanks, that's what I thought/hoped.

I bleached for a while, but white hair still shows up under make-up and I think the bleach was affecting the skin, it's a bit sort of mottled and thin-looking there now, as well as being hairy.

I am such a fox.

BinksToEnlightenment Wed 01-May-13 22:20:12

If you have sensitive skin, perhaps threading could be for you? It's kinder to the skin than waxing. Plus threading is faster than plucking, so less of a slow torture.

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