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Silverstar2 Wed 01-May-13 15:16:24

hello and welcome!

KatyMac Mon 06-May-13 16:29:01

Neither of them (I didn't see either in the shop)

I have the first - it comes up small in the back IMO but hopefully someone who has tried both will be able to confirm how they compare.

Hopefully some of the others will be along in a bit to suggest alternative bras for you too <sounds klaxon>

Hanginggardenofboobylon Mon 06-May-13 18:37:34

Turning them round is nigh on impossible when new IME, perhaps you could use a bra extender until they loosen up a bit?

KatyMac Mon 06-May-13 19:26:25

That's a good idea; I'll see if I can get one

cardoon Mon 06-May-13 20:01:50

Have just bought this bra from Debenhams, size 32E and it is such a revelation! I have been wearing either sports bras or molded ones and the Annabelle couldn't look or feel more different - I look like i've lost about a stone grin. Do you wise ladies have any suggertions for similar bras - I think it's the side support business that makes the difference?

AuntPepita Mon 06-May-13 21:37:52

Hi bra experts. I have been lurking on all the threads, nodding along, but now I need some help!

I have lost two stone recently and need some new bras.

I now measure 28.5/37ish but think i need less cup volume than that suggests. Suggests 28g, but I think more like 28f.

I have done JL and Debenhams and neither had anything ina 28 back. Nothing. I tried some Freya 30s but before I even did them up they were obviously far too big. I did get an estimate of cup size around a 30e/ so 28f.

I am not tiny by any means, but I have very narrow shoulders and top half.

Soooo.... What would you recommend?? Given the limited 28s out there.

Any ideas?

If you have a Bravissimo nearby then they will have 28s in stock, otherwise I would be tempted by an online order. Brastop, Leia, mycurvesandme, Bravissimo, Debenhams to name but a few all stock loads of 28s.

AuntPepita Mon 06-May-13 21:57:43

Sorry, should have made it clear. No bravissimo anywhere near, but I want to do an online order, just wondered what sort of styles/makes would suit?

AuntPepita Mon 06-May-13 22:05:20

Also, our debenhams had no 28s in. None. In any style.

Do you have any idea of what shapes/styles have worked for you? If not I would be tempted to order a few different bras in a mix of sizes with the intention of returning lots! Maybe try a plunge, a balconette and a balcony for starters? You could also try a t-shirt bra like the Freya Deco if you like smooth/seam free bras.

Did you like any of the ones you tried in Debenhams shape wise? Most Freyas come in a 28 as do a lot of their Gorgeous range, Panache etc

YoniOno Mon 06-May-13 22:20:51

Hello lovely bra ladies smile I have a query who h I hope you might be able to help me with. I would like a full cup t-shirt bra in a 30C - where should I look? I like t-shirt bras for the neat look they give me - I have little boobs - but the top is always visible under clingy tops I like to wear. Any tips? I don't like balconette styles as it gives me a weird pointy shape.

AuntPepita Mon 06-May-13 22:24:29

Hard to say. I used to have small boobs. Two babies, 3 stone and 4.5 yrs of breastfeeding later (and so 4.5 yrs in nursing bras) then 2 stone off I seem to have bigger ones and no clue about what will work. Seriously I am wearing the same 30e hot milk bra I have been wearing for the last 4 yrs. it really doesn't fit!

I got a panache Andorra about 6 months ago (which i wear to work) which is fab, but now too big in the cup and band (30g), but they don't go smaller than a 30. Andorra is a full cup I think - but don't seem to be any full cups in a 28.

I had a curvy Kate at the same time, but soon realised that didn't work for me - I think narrow shoulders rub the wide set straps. Are all balconettes like that? (What is the difference between a balcony and balconettes??)

Plunges...well I want support rather than having them flopping out the middle.

God I hate bra shopping.

Balconettes are lower cup as a rule than balconies - it does depend a bit as what one company calls a balcony another calls a balconette.

I would be inclined to look for a balcony but with relatively good coverage. I generally find better uplift from a balcony than a full cup - it's to do with the cup construction. In a balcony, the piece of the cup which goes under the breast is directly linked to the straps which many people find gives better lift. Some have wider set straps than others - that's a bit trial and error although I generally find panache are wider set than freya, Curvy kate also pretty wide. Bravissimo own brand varies.

You'll probably find that the straps on plunges tend to be closer set than on half cups.

For good uplift I like quite a few of the Bravissimo bras like the Alana and the Betsy Bow. For cleavage occasions their Satine is good - it is a plunge but still gives good uplift. Fantasie does some pretty good bras, Freya can be hit or miss. I like their bras which are made from the firm mesh type fabric but am not so keen on the softer cotton-y ones.

marriednotdead Tue 07-May-13 07:50:54

The Panache Andorra does come in a 28 back but not all retailers stock it that small. Try Figleaves.

ClairesTravellingCircus Tue 07-May-13 13:27:55

Hello bra ladies

I would like to ask for your help please thanks

I NEED a tshirt bra, something nude that I can wear under white tops. Summer is looming and half my wardrobe is white/sheer stuff and I have too many ill-fitting bras.

I am a 32FF, and currently own

this that I love (even though int's in the wrong size 34F from when I was chunkier)

this in beige in a 32F and my boobs keep falling out (not sure it's a size issue)

this from wonderbra same issue as above

I need a low central gore but I plunge bras don't seam to be the right ones for me.

Any advice oh wise ladies??

Alicethecamelshump Tue 07-May-13 14:27:24

Awful day trying bras on. I measured at a 34f, the band was very tight, my boobs squashed and overfilling the cup, tried scooping the hideous amount of back fat into the cup which did nothing.
Sat crying in changing room at Debenhams. I just don't know what is wrong with my body shape or if I've even measured correctly?

Thank you for the earlier advice.

Alice that sounds like you need to go up at least a couple of cup sizes. The back will be feeling tight because the cup is too small. Once you have more space you will be able to scoop the back fat round in to the cups.

Please don't be discouraged, bra shopping can suck sometimes.

Alicethecamelshump Tue 07-May-13 15:22:00

Thank you SC, should I stay at the same band size? I'm so sorry for being such a pain

SorrelForbes Tue 07-May-13 15:33:30

ClairesTravellingCircus I'm a big fan of the Cleo Juna which comes in nude.

what was your measurements again? sorry on phone so searching thru thread is tricky

Alicethecamelshump Tue 07-May-13 15:52:39

Just tried measuring again. 35 under my boobs and 41 when dangling haha!

FairyPenguin Tue 07-May-13 15:55:04

Hi everyone. I have been reading the bra threads and moved from a 34A to a 32C a couple of months ago. However, I found that the non-wired bras I bought have got really loose and are now on tightest hooks (already) and the underwired ones are extremely uncomfortable digging into my ribs. I hadn't worn underwires for about 7 years since being pregnant the first time so I didn't know if my body just isn't used to it, or whether the bra was wrong or my ribs stick out too much. Either way, I went and bought some more bras at the weekend, this time 30D, non-wired. These feel good. smile

So my question is: is it ok if I stick to non-wired bras, or should i be wearing underwired?

byanymeans Tue 07-May-13 16:31:17

Anyone out there who can Help please?
I have been out bra shopping today 10 shops and have been fitted 4 times but none were the same answer.
M&S. 36d( which was far to big on the ribs andgave me 4 boobs)
House of fraser. Said a 34 dd or 34 f ( which they only had one bra that fitted me in that size and to be honest the dd was not fitting flat in the middle and F was to loss at the top.
Debihams 32f (which left redlines around my ribs and i had so much underarm bulge it was an efort to pul my arms down)
Bravisimo 32 E ( again tightand marked my ribs)

A have triedon over 40 bras today and only two fitted ok ish but they where expencive and plain black. I think im 34back but no idea on cup and totally lost as to were to go to get a good few not to costly bras? I haveabout a £50 max budget and no bras that fit so need 2 or better3 new bras.

it sounds like the Debenhams one was too small in the cup but that may well be due to the specific bra-its pretty common to vary a cup size or two from bra to bra. I am inclined to think that you are probably a 32. Some marks from a bra are normal really so that does not necessarily mean it's a problem. Can you measures yourself according to the blog guide

KatyMac Tue 07-May-13 16:54:42

I think my 30Js will have to go back; DH couldn't get them fastened at all this morning - he just couldn't stretch the material that far & he's a big strong bloke

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