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Would you wear a black dress like this to a wedding?

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Plathism Wed 01-May-13 14:58:02

One like This one or this one?

Although they're black I think the lace and full skirt makes them less severe...but I could be wrong. It's not a very formal, traditional wedding, but I don't want to look funereal.

(I'd cover up the back of the low back one until it's party time!)

Moominsarehippos Thu 02-May-13 17:46:58

I worked with someone who went to a wedding where the MIL turned up if full funeral attire (black veil etc) and bawled throughout the ceremony. She wasn't too keen on the match apparently.

TheSecondComing Thu 02-May-13 17:51:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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