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Recommendations on experienced hair colourist and or salon in londonwho won't make dark hair red/orange

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Lilykin Wed 01-May-13 12:52:16


Looking for recommendations of salon/hair colourist who won't make my dark hair have red/orange tones.

From what I've learnt all dark hair have problems with red/orange showing through when you want to go lighter. I want to go to a chocolate brown without redness or orange.

I want to find one who has experience of this and know what to do colouring wise to stop it from happening.

I have already search on the Internet myself and there aren't any posts with recommendations of salons who are good at dealing with this problem

TattyDevine Wed 01-May-13 15:50:43

Do you have a lot of colour build up or is your hair naturally dark?

The two present different problems.

If you have build up, they might have to strip it or use an effacor to remove some colour or it will almost definitely go orange. Then cover it with a mid brown with a good shot of green ash in it to neutralise the tones.

If your hair is naturally very dark it should be possible to go chocolate (get them to get the swatch chart out - the word chocolate in terms of hair colur often has a fair bit of gold in it or even mahogany...better off saying "cool to neutral" to get your point across just in case).

If I were you I would find a reputable salon who is willing to take the time to do a couple of strand tests to ensure they are able to achieve your desired colour. Sorry I can't specifically recommend anyone.

TattyDevine Wed 01-May-13 15:52:09

You need a colour with the full range of tones but that doesn't have any copper, not too much gold, and if it contains gold then a violet ash reflect, no mahogany, and absolutely no "red". And a bit of green ash on the first application or an ash toner if it does throw out too much gold.

Lilykin Sat 04-May-13 00:22:27

Thanks so much that is really helpful TattyDevine. That is what I wanted to say at a salon at my first salon visit bit didn't know how to.

My hair is naturally dark and has been tinted recently never being tinted before.

The problem is my hair looks orange toned in salon and indoor lighting, in dimmer lights it looks more copper/gold brown and then in natural light you hardly see brown in my hair. If sun is shining then its a bid more brown red-orange. My own natural hair shade is generally the same shade in most lighting

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