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Please help me - I am clueless and look must change!

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ShirkingViolet Tue 30-Apr-13 16:32:14

Please give me some advice...I have hardly any clothes as need to lose weight but just felt so terrible about how I look today that I am going to buy some. Will be putting it on credit card so want to buy sensibly.

I am 5ft8 and a size 18. Slim legs but a huge tummy sad

Today is lovely and sunny and I have worn old jeans (baggy in the bum), battered converse and a baggy tshirt to hide my muffin top (but when the wind blew it outlined it for the world to see). Hair tied up. No make up.

I really want to change. I am mid 30's and felt like I was just an overgrown version of me as a child!

Please help <pathetic wail> grin

Ps have name changed in shame blush

ShirkingViolet Tue 30-Apr-13 16:33:25

Oh, forgot to say I have already made a hair appointment!

sweetheart Tue 30-Apr-13 16:40:53

I would say don't rush out and panic buy anything! Go onto Pintrest and create a board pinning images that you like so you can get an idea of what style you wan to achieve. Go through your wardrobe and see if you have anything decent that can be worked into your new buys.

Try booking an appointment with a personal shopper at a big department store so they can help guide you through your purchases.

Assess your lifestyle and think what you need in your wardrobe - if you are a SAHM there is no point buying 3 nice structured dresses and if you work full time there is no point buying 5 pairs of jeans etc.

Buy some basic bis of make up if you don't wear it already to make yourself feel more "put together", get your eyebrows plucked and a nice hair cut to make yourself feel better.

Think of buying some accessories - they are cheaper than clothes and they can change the look of an outfit for half the price

Good luck and have fun!

sweetheart Tue 30-Apr-13 16:50:08

Oh and also pick only a few colours to start with so you build a wardrobe where everything matches / goes grin

vitaminC Tue 30-Apr-13 17:38:24

I would suggest it's worth investing a bit in a few decent-quality classic bottoms (smart trousers/indigo jeans/pencil skirt... whatever suits your body shape and lifestyle) and possibly a blazer or jacket, depending on the climate where you live, then top them off with a few cheaper tops you can mix and match. If clothes are well-made from good quality fabrics, you can always have them taken in by a dressmaker, as you lose weight!

I would also spend money on decent accessories such as scarves, shoes, bags, even necklaces, as these can make all the difference in the overall look of an outfit.

Finally, buy a few basic t-shirts or tops in colours that suit you. Cheap and trendy is the way to go for these, so you always feel fashionable and don't feel too bad about replacing them as your weight drops and your body shape changes...

acceptableinthe80s Tue 30-Apr-13 17:46:09

If you're tall and have slim legs I would say you could get away with cropped skinny/straight jeans for summer. Tops that gather under the bust are better for hiding a belly than t-shirts and a print will disguise lumps and bumps better than a block colour.
Don't forget decent underwear can make a huge difference.

BinksToEnlightenment Tue 30-Apr-13 19:57:54

Get your eyebrows waxed. Buy a beautiful new scarf. Have a makeover at a beauty counter and buy one or two things you really love from them. New perfume. Spanx!

ShirkingViolet Tue 30-Apr-13 21:23:38

Thank you everyone, some good ideas there. I went to Sainsburys before and had a wander round the clothes - what shade of jeans is best? Also leggings and long tops - would that look ok?

I am going to have a look at the shops in town tomorrow in my dinner hour. I work part time and dress code is casual but I would like to be mre the smarter side of casual! At home I have 3 children age 3 upwards and am very busy grin I am lucky that I have a very full, happy life but now I know I would be happier if I were a little lot more stylish!

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