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long post - dress / oufit for a wedding (as a guest) - possibly dress hire?

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shelley72 Tue 30-Apr-13 14:15:04

so this is another year away i know but i am a bit bored and fat and fed up, and there has been lots of wedding talk with family this weekend and im getting a bit carried away.

my little brother is getting married next summer, all the men (so my DH and DS) are sorted out or will be with morning suits once i have helped my brother with his trying on in moss bros - he's thinking along the lines of dark grey, silver and blue but i digress. DD is going to be a bridesmaid, so she will have something lovely to wear. that just leaves me, and the DC3 currently jabbing me under the ribs who will be just about 1 by the time the wedding happens.

i want to look nice. not too mumsy/frumpy, which tbh is how i feel. not like the mother of the bride. not like a very old bridesmaid. just nice. and maybe even feel a bit glam - as i never get the chance to dress up these days. since having children and being at home the opportunity just isn't there!

so, what sort of thing would you suggest for me? i will be 41. potentially still very wobbly round the middle as so far this pg i have put on 10kg shock. i am 5'7 pre preg was a 10 and went in at the middle, but i am currently in a preg size 12 jean. so i am assuming (hoping) that i will be around a 12, although i suspect some spanx may be involved smile. dont really like my legs on show unless i have thick winter tights and boots! i have had my colours done and i am a HoC winter so like / suit colours like navy, grey, red, white. all not very conducive to a summer wedding i know. what would i do with my hair? would i need a hat / fiddly thing?

and lastly, how can i do all of this on the cheap? i dont really want to spend a couple of hundred quid on a dress that i will wear once, or re-sell on ebay for a few quid (as i have in the past)! was wondering if anyone knew of any dress hire companies? do such things exist?

if it was another wedding i would probably consider turning down the invite as i find trying to look half decent these days a bit stressful but as its my brother i can't really do that!

thanks if you've got to the end. are there any wedding experts out there that could help?

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