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Would you rather have white teeth or straight teeth?

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Lottapianos Tue 30-Apr-13 10:43:11

I've been unhappy with my teeth for a long time. I used to smoke every day, I love red wine and I drink green tea. For a long time, my teeth were really quite yellow but since cutting waaaaaaay back on the smoking and using UltraDex mouthwah and Colgate Max One toothpaste every day, they are looking so much brighter.

I also have crooked teeth, especially on the bottom row. They are healthy, they're just quite overcrowded. I've been thinking for a while about having braces but am a bit scared and it's a lot of dosh to spend. I was chatting with a colleague the other day, and noticed that his bottom teeth are also quite crooked but they look very clean and bright and actually, I thought how much character his non-perfect teeth give his face. He's a very nice looking bloke and I think that if his teeth were perfectly straight he might look a bit bland.

Anyway, maybe I'm just kidding myself but I'm thinking I can possibly live with my crooked gnashers if I can keep up the whitening smile

Any thoughts?

bella65 Wed 01-May-13 11:23:34

yellow and stained is very ageing.

Depends how crooked- lower jaw is ok IMO but upper- hmmm- maybe save and have both done?

DerbyNottsLeicsNightNanny Wed 01-May-13 11:53:02

I've got braces on and will be getting them whitened when the braces come off. The braces have done a fab job but if you decide against braces, then just whitening has got to be better than nothing. I'd prefer white crooked teeth than discoloured straight teeth I think.

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