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Urgent help please!! Need couple of outfits for this weekend. Size 18, tall but with hideously large belly :-(

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kasbah72 Tue 30-Apr-13 09:47:48

I am going away with friends this weekend and have decided to stop being mopey and get shopping but I need to do it online and get stuff delivered by Friday. Is that even possible??

I am tall (5'10'') but about 3 stone overweight. The worst bits are a very large tummy and a bloated neck/face.

Obviously being 3 stone overweight means that nothing is at its best but I don't mind my legs out. Definitely no sleeveless or capped sleeves but short sleeves are fine.

Longer tops over jeans are usually good, nothing that highlights a pregnant-like tummy so empire line is out.

I have been avoiding shopping but decided this morning that it is probably better to get bigger stuff that fits well rather than squeeze in to old stuff that really doesn't.

The weekend is quite outdoorsy and casual with slightly more dressing up in the evenings. Nothing posh or fancy.

Does anyone have any time to find me any inspiration please???

Thank you!

AphraBehn Tue 30-Apr-13 11:04:36

Your shape sound quite simialr to mine, except I'm shorter.

Clothes that fit properly and don't cling round your tummy are the way to go. I find Wallis good for longer tops (yes, yes, loads of synthetic fabrics and eye watering colours at times but sift through that and they have some good stuff).

I have something similar to this which I would wear with cigarette style trousers and some jewellery.

I also like this with jeans. If you have good arms (I don't) they have a short sleeved version of the same print here.

This shape would also be good as it will hide your tummy and emphasise your waist.

I don't have a problem with finding flattering clothes for my shape, once I stop looking in H&M/Primark/Zara etc!

AphraBehn Tue 30-Apr-13 11:09:58

Sorry those links are not very casual!

Dorothy Perkins are good for t shirts. Take your pick.

kasbah72 Tue 30-Apr-13 11:59:39

Thank you! The cream shirt would be great for work, actually, so I will order that. The patterned one is quite nice but I definitely look better with a v neck rather than a round neck.
The black top is great, I might try that. I would have to wear something to make it a longer sleeve, though. Those short/cap short sleeves just seem to emphasise the flab.
Thanks again

amazingface Tue 30-Apr-13 12:14:20

Argh! I just wrote a really long post with outfit links and all and the computer ate it angry

kashbah what is your budget? Have you come across ASOS Curve?
I think that for your weekend you should decide in advance what you're wearing on each day and pack each outfit separately, including jewellery, underwear etc.

I will do a very quick recap of some of my suggestions:

outfit 1

leather jacket - unfortunately very pricey but will go with everything


black skinny jeans


and black ankle boots.

outfit 2

stripey jumper

peg trousers


outfit 3 - evening


dress in black


black ankle boots as above.

Gillybobs Tue 30-Apr-13 12:30:00

They have some great tops in Next just now for apple shapes, saw a few this morning that are a nice non clingy fabric and hallelujah , they have a sleeve (size up though, they're not big made)

I buy plain cotton vest tops from primark for 2.50 each and wear them under my tops, it helps give a nicer silhouette I reckon

Next also do great hi waist jeans that are very slimming .

I'd also buy some spanx type pants and a few statement necklaces and a nice floral scarf to make your outfits look finished.

Gillybobs Tue 30-Apr-13 12:31:20

Forgot to add that wearing a big statement necklace breaks up all the fabric round your chest area and makes round necks much more wearable, almost gives the effect of it being a v neck, iykwim?

kasbah72 Tue 30-Apr-13 14:50:46

Oooh, thanks amazingface. Never seen Asos Curve, some great ideas there. I don't like the coral and peach colours so will see what else they have that would go with the outfits. Thanks for spending the time!!

Gillybobs - would never have thought of Next. Some fab things there as well.

Thanks ladies!!

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