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Metallic ballet flats

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Liveinthepresent Mon 29-Apr-13 14:09:17

Struggling to find perfect shoe .... Comfort critical as am 32 weeks Pg

Keep looking at these -

Worth a try do you think or can I find better ?

medjool Mon 29-Apr-13 20:10:14

Not sure if this would be your thing, but M&S has some lovely metallic ballet pumps which are really cheap because they are really teens not adult shoes:-

cornyderpy Mon 29-Apr-13 20:12:04

there are some nice ones on brand alley

LydiaDeetz Mon 29-Apr-13 21:16:28

These are lovely and comfortable shoes

I quite like those Clarks ones.

CorrieDale Mon 29-Apr-13 21:25:32

I like the fitflop ones. And they look really comfortable too.

Belsize77 Mon 29-Apr-13 22:15:07

I have the previous season clarks metallic active air ones. I have never owned more comfortable shoes and even bought another pair on ebay. I wore them the whole time when pregnant and then buggy pushing. They may not be the most stylish choice but the active air sole is like wearing trainers. I am obsessed with metallic flats and have tried virtually all brands...

Liveinthepresent Mon 29-Apr-13 22:50:07

Thanks all - will have a look at your suggestions!

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