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Im fat Im fat IM FAT, help me dress!!

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Boomba Mon 29-Apr-13 13:39:34

Oh gah!! I hate myself. Ive been avoiding buying new clothes....for YEARS, because I DONT WANT to buy size 16. I dont I dont I dont. But I really have to, everything is thread bare.

i know it is perfectly possible to dress well and look nice, as a larger lady; but I dont like those styles! Please help me, i dont want to look like a bag lady any more

I used to be jeans and tshirts,a bit surfy/skatey kind of look. Of course not only am I fat, I am also I dont want to look like mutton etc etc. I do like WhiteStuff and Fatface as people always suggest...but nothing looks ok really with a muffin top and chubby knees!

sad sad sad

Chewbecca Mon 29-Apr-13 14:07:23

I'm a 16 too and my favourite new purchase is this top, I've just started another thread looking for advice what to wear it with to smarten it up but it looks good with jeans.
I like this elasticated, blouson style at the bottom of tops, they are v forgiving to a muffin. Have to be careful there's not too much material though, don't want it to fluff out.
I've found Mint Velvet as a whole to be flattering, have a look through the whole collection. Much of the collection can be ordered from John Lewis too so I tend to order tons with free delivery, try it all on at home then keep the best (most flattering!) send most back the next day using the free collect+ service.

Boomba Mon 29-Apr-13 14:12:54

ah thanks, Ill have a look through their stuff. I like that top, the colours and the pattern. I need a V or scoop neck though really, as I have saggy boobs!

What jeans do you wear. I used to buy boot cut. I think Id look ridiculous in straight leg?? Ive got cankles too, so im struggling with the thought of wearing dresses and skirts...i sound like a right beauty dont i?! grin

Chewbecca Mon 29-Apr-13 14:23:55

I'm sure you look completely normal! I am constantly thinking about dieting but have also accepted that the majority of the time, I am this size so I'd better make the best of it and make sure I look my best!

I've got pretty large boobs and normally favour scoops & Vs too but that MV top does seem to work for me. No need for sagging though, have you have a new bra lately?! Any boobs can be lifted up with a good bra!

I have weaned off boot cuts actually as they were making me feel badly dated. But I have super chunky legs and can't get them in skinnies and and the tightness showed off all sorts of lumps and bumps, not good. But i have found that some straight legs can be fine and also they do feel, sort of tidier and neater if you know what I mean! I feel slimmer in straights than boot cuts. My current straight legs are from the dreaded Per Una, I get on pretty well with their jeans actually, have had several pairs, the Roma ones fit me well.

OneLittleLady Mon 29-Apr-13 14:33:23

At a size sixteen, most stores will have clothes for you that AREN'T specifically plus size (new looks for example start their plus size at size 18) , Mantaray in Debenhams are good for slightly beachy/surfer style clothes that aren't muttony but do be warned, the trousers come up small, however, the skirts, tops, cardis etc come up about right and look much nicer on than on the hanger. Avoid places like SImply Be and other specialized plus size stores unless you really can't find anything as most of there stuff, to my eye, is horrible. Evans is good for basic jeans, they have a few different styles and colours to choose from. Be warned that if you are petite, you'll have to get handy with the wundaweb as the jeans tend to be quite long in there. Also, get over to the bra invervention thread to make sure you're wearing the right bra. If you're not, a properly fitting on can make a massive difference to how you look (for example, I'm a size 16 on top and wear a 34 back size in a bra, not the 40 I was told to wear when I was measured in two separate stores!)

Hope that helps a bit smile

Boomba Mon 29-Apr-13 14:39:05, Im ok in the bra department....Bravissimo all the way for me!!

And Im tall! WooHoo, its not all bad!!

Im just browsing sewing patterns...thought that might be a good option, for getting exactly what I want (i always get a bit carried away in material shops though...and could end up with a wonder woman costume, by accident!)

Boomba Mon 29-Apr-13 14:39:59

whats per una? Ill have a look at that...straight jeans, you say? confused [jibber, sob]

OneLittleLady Mon 29-Apr-13 14:42:07

Sewing your own is a good plan, I'm taking dressmaking lessons this summer so I can start making my own clothes. I find it so difficult to find things the right length and ma forever getting the iron and wundaweb out! I am teeny though at 5 foot. Kids trousers are the perfect length for me but sadly don't come big enough in the bum area! That said, there'd be uproar if kids were as wide as I am hmm

Chewbecca Mon 29-Apr-13 14:47:34

Haha, Per Una is the heavily patterned, aimed at unstylish 93 year olds, section in Marks and Spencer! But I am short, not tall, I don't know if they'd work for tallies.

But yes, def try on some straight legs. Not skinnies.

Boomba Mon 29-Apr-13 15:23:42

what about cuffed jeans?

i like them? are they ok for fat people?

OneLittleLady Mon 29-Apr-13 15:32:01

I personally think there's very little you can't wear if you're 'fat'. As long as what you buy fits you properly, I think it's fine. I draw the line at tiny tiny mini shorts though but to be honest, I don't like the look of them on anyone. I wear skinnies and show off my bingo wings every summer, if other people don't like it, they don't have to look grin

Boomba Mon 29-Apr-13 15:41:24

i agree with you in theory, but i lack the confidence

i feel people treat/view me differently, now i am fat

fromparistoberlin Mon 29-Apr-13 15:48:07

is 16 fat? I mean really? I am just asking as if you say "I am fat" it wont make you feel great about yourself!!!!

have u tried

a good bra, proper uplifting. YOU NEED THIS!!!!
spanx, to hold you in
shift dresses
skinny jeans. larger tops
mid heels
alot of black, I dont care what anyone says it flatters
black skiniies
black tops
black wedge heels

a new haircut, and make your face feel pretty

I promise you some of the above will make you feel better x

cq Mon 29-Apr-13 15:53:56

I went to a style consultant - I was also SO fed up with not wanting to go shopping for clothes when I feel like a heifer. The basic rules she told me, for my shape (size 16-ish, fairly straight up and down, not much of a waist but not oversized saddle bags either) are as follows:

1. Straight jeans every time, with as little bling/pockets/seams etc round the waist & arse as they draw the eye. And no bleached patches - go for dark colour.
2. Skirts - on the knee - not over or under, with lots of movement in them, so cut on the bias, swirly, flippy etc is good. Pencil skirts not.
3. Avoid large prints. Small patterns ok as long as not too overwhelming.
4. Wrap tops and dresses are the way to go - they give me a waist where I have none. If too clingy, I go up a size or even 2. Labels are just a number.
5. No round necks or polo necks. Ever.
6. No cropped wide leg trousers in summer. On-the-knee capris or full-length wide leg.
7. Always wear a heel of some sort (I'm only 5'4.) Struggle with this one due to plantar fasciitis.

Can't remember any more but the above have served me well.

Also had my colours done - basically anything in blue, and diamonds for me grin.

The personal shoppers at Debenhams are also pretty good style consultants for free.

cq Mon 29-Apr-13 15:55:09

Ha! Cross post with fromparistoberlin - so basically take your pick between our pearls of wisdom!!

Boomba Mon 29-Apr-13 16:16:16

but thats what i mean, when i say I dont like 'fat' styles!!

I dont want to wear bloody SPANX all summer!!

Im not wearing heels ever...its just not me..nor black

ok...i can get with dark jeans...will try some straight legged ones (gulp) and some knee length skirts, i can do that

i hate the bloody effort it takes, to look presentable

just booked myself a haircut [smile thanks for reminding me

fromparistoberlin Mon 29-Apr-13 16:26:46

OK, however I wear the primani spanx every day and they are comfy!!!! I feel wrong without them.

so no black, OK

but BRA, and HAIRCUT!!!!

i finally got myself a Rigby and Peller, I had to seriously as was wearing droppy BF bras

and jeans, yes yes!

I dont wear heels, but wedges and or delicate sandals looks great??

Boomba Mon 29-Apr-13 17:50:56

do they?? I always think delicate sandals accentuate my enormous legs, because they just kind of taper down to a point!!! grin

i always feel like I need clumpy shoes/boots/trainers to balance my thighs

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