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Cheapest place for converse?

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Anyone got any ideas?
I am after 2 pairs the same, one for me and one for sisters birthday (which is Friday so ideally need to order online but no big deal if they are late)

these ones

low top oxford style white ones (with the red & blue stripe like on link, not the totally plain white)
I found them yesterday on Amazon (or thought I did) for £34.99 delivered free as they were through amazon, which I thought was a bargain!
Gone to buy them today but can't find them at that price dispatched by Amazon, just through other sellers which then whack p&p on top.

If anyone knows where I can get (new & boxed) ones cheap, please share with me!

TIA thanks


qazxc Tue 30-Apr-13 16:09:51

no clue but bumping as my high tops have finally given up the ghost. sad

iliketea Tue 30-Apr-13 16:11:16

have you tried - thats where I buy my converse.

Belo Tue 30-Apr-13 16:12:52

I bought some from Amazon. In my size and colour requirement they worked out to be the cheapest.

iliketea Tue 30-Apr-13 16:13:05

Or schuh or office ( I think you can order online and pick up in store; but probably not the cheapest).

cornyderpy Tue 30-Apr-13 16:13:58

they are often on secret sales

cornyderpy Tue 30-Apr-13 16:15:28

on ebay here

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