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Wearing scarves.....

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insanelycheerful Sun 28-Apr-13 22:55:52

Ok, bear with me here!! I don't currently own/wear scarves. Well, I do wear warm knitted ones for winter to keep warm, I mean scarves with tops, nice patterned/coloured ones that bring an outfit to life, look grown up etc...

I need advice on how to wear them, where to get them etc. as it has dawned on me this is a great way to pep up a simple t shirt and look a bit more grown up (think 35, 2 kids but still gets ID'd for wine in Tesco from time to time!) please help!!!

Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 22:56:55

1 take scarf
2 put around neck
3 Sally forth

nilbyname Sun 28-Apr-13 22:58:12

Oh there is a great you tube video with a woman showing 25 different ways to wear a scarf....can't link as on phone but have a search.

eBay do loads of nicely patterned cheap scarves, as do h and m. Zara is more expensive but really nice.

IllegalYoniFarm Sun 28-Apr-13 22:58:20

Ha ha ha! ^^ this... Oh and scarves are good from everywhere really smile

Numberlock Sun 28-Apr-13 22:58:49

I love a good neck scarf. I like to imagine i'm quite French looking (in my head).

OneLittleLady Sun 28-Apr-13 22:58:49

Primark and New Look have some great ones if you want to start off on the cheap end of things in case you don't like them. I have loads from Primark and not one of them has cost me more then £4

mrspaddy Sun 28-Apr-13 22:58:52

New Look have lovely light snood ones at the minute that are easier to wear.. try them. Primark always have nice ones. M&S have really pretty ones. They're great..

VivaLeBeaver Sun 28-Apr-13 23:01:07

Lightweight snood scarves are nice, the long ones that you need to double loop.

I've got nice ones from river island and Dorothy Perkins lately.

Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 23:01:45

The YouTube thing is ok. Bit you only use about 3 of them

Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 23:02:17

I like big ones. Tiny ones are measly

cocolepew Sun 28-Apr-13 23:02:43

I like a snood myself.

MacaYoniAndCheese Sun 28-Apr-13 23:07:57

Etsy has lots of scarves for mega-cheap.

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