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Large yellow leather handbag - can anyone find

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Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 17:17:23

Saw someone with a bag that is pale yellow, straw almost. BIg bucket style with a deep FOLD all around the top.

shouldery. NICE
HAs anyone seen it?

madammecholet Sun 28-Apr-13 18:08:10

this one?

Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 18:18:22

thanks for looking
sadly not
Its bigger and imagine a big turn down of a couple of inches all around the top

madammecholet Sun 28-Apr-13 18:32:22

I've had a good rummage around and can't see anything... lots of bright yellow bags, but not many in a lovely pale yellow.. sorry. Sounds gorgeous tho!

noddyholder Sun 28-Apr-13 18:54:41

not yellow but love coco barclay bags

MooMinCow Sun 28-Apr-13 18:58:10

Fossil Explorer?

Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 19:02:44

no, the flap is not one covering the opening like those its a fold down at the top of the bag.


noddyholder Sun 28-Apr-13 19:04:24

I know what you mean there is a bloke in brighton who designs those Is it the whole bag folded over?

noddyholder Sun 28-Apr-13 19:40:36

like these

Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 19:49:34


Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 19:51:01

Nope. Imagine that one. But you open the inside out. Like a cuff bathe top of the bag is fastened with a Popper I think

madammecholet Sun 28-Apr-13 19:59:57

this one in blue, the last picture where its all folded over?

madammecholet Sun 28-Apr-13 20:01:06

is this one closer?

pickledginger Sun 28-Apr-13 20:16:33

It was definitely folded over? Not just looked folded over IYSWIM, like this?

Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 20:17:19

much more like madison belts but a lot tidier looking iykwim

Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 20:17:52

oh yes LOOKED liek it. it was an effect
bag quite plain

cafecito Sun 28-Apr-13 22:27:09

ooh noddy, coco is a lovely lovely person too smile

noddyholder Mon 29-Apr-13 12:53:33

smile sounds like you know her. I like her things a lot!

lougle Mon 29-Apr-13 15:31:09

Not like this?

Nehru Mon 29-Apr-13 22:09:43

Much more. I like that.
The top folds over itself

cafecito Mon 29-Apr-13 22:27:56

yep she's so lovely, such passion for what she does and really takes care to get the details just right. she's at greenwich market sometimes smile she makes things to order as well if she can

lougle Mon 29-Apr-13 22:43:47

Like this but pale yellow?

lougle Tue 30-Apr-13 12:24:36

This looks like it? You can remove the canvas strap.

lougle Sun 05-May-13 22:03:37

I need to know about this bag now confused It must exist.

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