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things they use in fashion adverts NO ONE uses in rl

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Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 16:01:20

camper vans
old fashioned deckchairs
bikes with flowers in the basket

Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 16:01:28

vinrage convertibles

BrianButterfield Sun 28-Apr-13 16:06:32

About a thousand tiny glass lanterns with candles in, strewn carelessly through the trees.

OrbisNonSufficit Sun 28-Apr-13 16:07:51

Freakishly tall size zero women...

Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 16:24:52

well yes, them too.
Dogs straining on leashes

Trill Sun 28-Apr-13 16:25:47

wind machines

Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 16:27:22

rowing boats

OK SOME people might use them in rl

Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 16:28:18

Ditto zebra crossings with women laughing HILARIOUSLY as they cross them.*

*I have never laughed as I crossed a road

Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 16:28:47


they love watermelon

Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 16:29:24

as here

Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 16:30:14

CHrist - there are THOUSANDS of stock photos of women eating watermelon.
An alien would think it is an everyday event

OneLittleLady Sun 28-Apr-13 16:31:47

Hilarious bowls of salad. They are everywhere in the advertising world hmm

Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 16:32:02

oh yes - even a meme

DuchessFanny Sun 28-Apr-13 16:32:08

I have a dog that strains on his lead, and have also been known to have flowers in my bike basket .... Unfortunately that's as fashion and Modelly as I get grin

MerylStrop Sun 28-Apr-13 16:32:29

Right fucking grumpy expressions a la Toast catalogue, or comedy facial hair for blokes
Glaikit/zombie posture and expression as at Cos

Nehru Sun 28-Apr-13 16:33:03

also a jetty

who uses a jetty apart from a dreamy model

Lavenderhoney Sun 28-Apr-13 16:37:14

Woman travelling with handluggage consisting of hat box and make up/ jewellery box all massive with silly little handles. Just the thing for LHRsmile

EffieTheDuck Sun 28-Apr-13 16:37:27

An elderly peasant standing outside a shack.

cocolepew Sun 28-Apr-13 16:39:11

At least 4 or 5 puppies at a time. Bows optional.

cocolepew Sun 28-Apr-13 16:40:16

Using an umbrella, but not to keep the rain off, but to dance with.

caramelwaffle Sun 28-Apr-13 16:42:47

A brick wall.

KAPPOW I look hot. Let me lean on this brick wall.

KABOOM I look hip. Let me lean on this brick wall.

OneLittleLady Sun 28-Apr-13 16:44:37

Long handled wicker baskets. Of course, EVERYONE with any ounce of fashion sense just happens to have one to carry around

moondog Sun 28-Apr-13 16:47:37

Laughing dark skinned children silhouetted against a sunset.
Soldiers in bearskins
Big floppy hats clamped top head in coquettish fashion

issimma Sun 28-Apr-13 16:58:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MacaYoniAndCheese Sun 28-Apr-13 17:01:20

Children wearing clean and/or white clothes shock.

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