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55 and in need of a makeover - going to start with skincare and make up but need your guidance as clueless

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grandtoseeyou Sun 28-Apr-13 09:32:28

I've let myself go on the self presentation front and now need to spuce myself up and get out there again - but my skin looks rubbish. Its a little oily round the nose, but dryish in other places and loads of almost squeezable tiny blackheads (sorry TMI, yak!) everywhere. Rather wrinkly, but perhaps wouldn't look so horrible if skin was in decent condition and looked well cared for. At the moment I just wash morning and evening with water and whatever cleanser is to hand and slap any old mosituriser on if I think about it.

Makeupwise I wear No7 lipstick mainly because I don't like having dry lips - I wear it like Lipsil - and some black No 7 mascara, and that's it.

I'd like to look natural, healthy and well groomed - definitely not a make up counter person look, but would like to wear foundation of some sort though have never used it.

I have some money to spend but don't want to throw a fortune at something that's not going to transform me into a model- work. I'm clueless as to where to start/go/get the look I'd like.

By the way I've got good hair, cut and couloured regularly, mid brown and highlighted obviously grey underneath. Paleish to mid tone skin, I think. Blue eyes.

Your guidance and hand holding would be greatly appreciated. What seems obvious to you won't be to me, so feel free to use "Idiots guide to make up and skincare" speak smile

Back2Two Sun 28-Apr-13 10:15:55

I'm in a hurry but have a look at Lisa Eldridge's on-line videos, she has a great one for mature skin (more mature than you I think but she's fab)

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