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Capsule "community work" wardrobe?

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MrsJamin Sun 28-Apr-13 07:59:55

Just starting a new job where I am out and about in the community, getting people interested in joining something that might help them- may easily be people out of work, in poverty etc. I am struggling with what I should be wearing to give the right tone of being professional, but approachable, ie not businessy. Could do with some colour to give an air of friendliness. Don't have a huge budget nor would I want to because if I look expensively dressed it will not help being approachable. Any ideas what items would be a good starting point? I normally (as sahm) wear white stuff, jeans or leggings & denim skirt, connies, and I am mid-30s if that helps.

dashoflime Sun 28-Apr-13 08:08:38

I've just started work after maternity leave as a Welfare Rights Officer so similar sort of concerns.

I wear jersey dresses with leggings and cardigans. Or smart trousers with a jumper.

MrsJamin Sun 28-Apr-13 08:48:31

Where do you buy your jersey dresses from? I was thinking this would be a good solution too.

mirpuppet Sun 28-Apr-13 08:57:11

I also think dresses can work well -- they look professional but not as off putting as a suit.

That being said I sometimes wear a blazer on top which starts to get into suit territory.

I buy jersey dresses anywhere. I have 3 from sale from White Company about 35 quid each.

Honestly, I could have gotten away with just a black one -- I know someone who has a black jersey dress and wears it often and it always looks find and she looks approachable. (I took a course she taught and noticed she wore the same dress every week).

nilbyname Sun 28-Apr-13 09:02:04

I am in a similar role...

Wrap or shift dresses from HandM in plain colours with a tan leather belt, tights/leggings, ankle boot/ballet flats

Slim relaxed fit chinos with converse/ballet flats. L/sleeve top, slouchy blazer or knitted biker jacket.

I change it up with different scarves or jewellery. The jackets and shoes are the same, but I have dark grey chinos, and lilac ones for summer. I have 4 dresses that I alternate and loads of tops.

dashoflime Sun 28-Apr-13 09:24:24

I got this one from ASDA.

I wear it with boots, a chunky necklace and a brooch.

HilaryM Sun 28-Apr-13 09:27:53

Good thread. I think a lot of jobs need to project a bit of authority, but not too much - and practicality is important - eg getting in and out of the car lots.

I tend to go for a dress with a nice cardigan or jersey blazer, necklace, ballet flats or smarter flats.

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