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Applying Powder

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UglySister Wed 17-May-06 16:29:21

How do I do it? I always put it on too thick with the pad supplied with the powder. Just bought a powder brush.. how do I put it on professionally, not showing up lines, etc.?

nailpolish Wed 17-May-06 16:33:36

buy the biggest and best brush you can find (the more pricey the less likely to shed) and just practice

i think the trick is to use small amounts, lighly brushing, the matt look is out just now so you dont have to get rid of every bit of shine

UglySister Wed 17-May-06 16:35:25

How do I put a small amount on?! I always seems to get a big clump or nothing at all..

nailpolish Wed 17-May-06 16:36:31

if you have too much on your brush tap it to get rid of the excess

do you have pressed or loose powder?

sharklet Wed 17-May-06 16:36:53

Hi there, Professionally generally I use transluscent loose powder. A fluffy brush that can be dipped into loose powder, tapped to remove the excess and then dusted over your face. It will give a light dusting and will also help to set your makeup.

Some makeup artists prefer to use a powder puff that has been saturated with powder. The puff is then rolled gently over the skin applying a soft layer. This will also set your makeup, but with a slightly heavier coating of powder giving your skin a more velvety texture. This is used mre for film and TV looks - not really so commonly for day looks.

Some women prefer the pressed powder that is conveniently packaged in a compact with a puff. This is often heavier than a loose powder and can unless applied sparingly make a person look over made-up. Dusting after application with a powder brush can help.

Concentrate on the t-zone when applying powder. Powder too close to the eye area can accentuate fine lines.


UglySister Wed 17-May-06 16:39:40

I have pressed powder.. So I should use the sponge thing provided, then brush off excess with the brush I bought? Sharklet, I don´t where any other make-up, does this make a difference? Only just working up the courage to wear powder, terrified of idea of foundation!

sharklet Wed 17-May-06 16:49:44

You sound slike what you mightbe trying to do is to get the powder to act as a foundation for you and cover everything which it won't.

Although I am a make-up artist i rarely wear make-up meself. If I ever wear anything iften its just somer powder to take of the sheen in summer. thats really all you can expect powder to achive. Maybe you could try a tinted moisturiser if you want more covereage, its still very subtle.

Your doing your skin a big favour by not wearing foundation though. You'll look beautiful for much longer IMHO

UglySister Wed 17-May-06 18:06:04

Thanks Sharklet, yep I just wear the powder for the shine, think foundation feels really cluggy and heavy... Pleasedd I´ll look beautiful longer!!! : )

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