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what should i buy to replace my fleeces?

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KatyS36 Sat 27-Apr-13 21:05:37

Prior to dd, now 3, my warm tops consisted of nice knits (usually hand wash) and fleeces.

The nice stuff was for work, evenings out, going into town etc etc and the fleeces were for being outside doing sport, climbing, mountain biking, skiing, etc etc. I was either actively doing sport, or doing activities where I wouldn't either sweat or get muddy. All was well with my wardrobe.

Now I've got dd, I'm stuck for what to wear when outside doing kids stuff, ie going to parks etc. I definitely don't want to wear fine knits, but feel frumpy in fleeces.

What is the middle ground? For when I might get a bit dirty, I might sweat a bit running around, where I don't necessarily want to look super stylist but want to avoid looking frumpy?

I'm 40, but look younger, a size 12-14 with an hour glass figure and 32e boobs.



talkingnonsense Sat 27-Apr-13 21:13:13

I don't know but I remember the dilemma! Maybe a nice sweatshirt- boden? Superdry? For walking/ the park, and a machine washable knit for slightly smarter?

mirpuppet Sun 28-Apr-13 09:27:29

Jersey blazer -- machine washable. Uniqlo might have some on special offer that are about 20 quid.

AKissIsNotAContract Sun 28-Apr-13 09:28:46


ellesabe Sun 28-Apr-13 18:54:28

I would also say hoody

scarlettsmummy2 Sun 28-Apr-13 18:58:14

Not a super dry hoody or really any hoody. I would go for a classy sweatshirt or the jersey jacket suggested above.

QueenCadbury Sun 28-Apr-13 19:01:17

I have a couple of short trench jackets but sometimes I do wear a fleece as it's just so practical. It's a north face one and well fitted as opposed to baggy so it's as stylish as a fleece can get. If I have it on with my usual jeans and converse I don't feel frumpy.

KatyS36 Sun 28-Apr-13 19:05:53

Thanks all. Been shopping today and found an icebreaker merino cardigan at half price. Looks good and previous icebreaker items have survived anything.

Agree re well fitting fleeces. I've lost a lot of weight, so as well as being fleeces they are fleeces that are too big, some with a bump shape in the front left over from dd :-)

Any other ideas welcome


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