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Help! No receipt, need to return item...

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Notcontent Sat 27-Apr-13 20:53:16

I bought a trench coat today at Whistles - when I got home I tried it on again and decided that it looks too big, even though it's the smallest size they do, because I am very petite. Anyway, I am sure the sales assistant said she was putting the receipt in the bag but I can't find it. I paid with a card so they should have some record of it, but I am concerned they will just offer me a credit note - whereas I would like the money so I can find a coat that fits me!

What do you think?

TDEEtarget Sat 27-Apr-13 20:58:04

I had this happen with some expensive trousers in Monsoon, I printed off my online bank statement and took it in as my proof of purchase. They needed to track the transaction and had to phone head office whilst I waited but they did track it down and I got a full cash refund. I really didn't want a credit note because I hardly ever shop in there.
To track the transaction they needed to know which branch and it made it quicker for them to find by knowing which bank of tills I had paid at.

For the best result I'd aim to go when the branch is likely to be quiet, so not 11am on a Saturday morning when they are packed and will just say credit note or nothing.

mewkins Sat 27-Apr-13 20:59:28

I would phone them asap and explain and give them your card numbrr so that they can find a record on their system and them take the coat back. I think you have to provide proof of purchase so if they have a record or else you can show them a bank statement with the transaction number that should surfice. (Ps. I may be talking rubbish but it is definitely worth a go - be ultra polite etc and they should be helpful)

Notcontent Sat 27-Apr-13 21:13:08

Thank you for the helpful responses ladies! Fortunately it's a local store so I can go there tomorrow ! I will report back...

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