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Better skin - any recommendations?

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PathOfLeastResitance Sat 27-Apr-13 20:32:16

I've decided that enough is enough with my skin. It's got dry patches and red bits and is just generally badly behaved!

I use moisturiser every day and a different one at night (both Garnier) that claim to sort these problems but my skin doesn't want to play nicely.

I've heard people talk about getting a 'skin care regime'. Does anyone know what one of those is? Also where do I get one? I'm happy to go into the confusing world of the counters in Boots and talk to the girls there but I was hoping that someone would have a recommendation as to which one is a good brand to use. I'm willing to spend some money on this but feel wary of being ripped off.

Can anybody help a bad skinned lady??

Fuckitthatlldo Sun 28-Apr-13 11:58:49

French pharmacy brands such as Avene and La Roche Posay make really effective skin care products full of genuinely active ingredients that don't break the bank. They are, in my opinion, much better products than the hideously expensive cosmetic brands make although I am just as gullible as the next woman and can be just as susceptible to clever persuasive marketing

The reason these products are superior is because they are made for dermatologists to prescribe to their patients. They are non comedogenic (meaning they don't block pores) and designed to be as non irritating as possible to sensitive skin. Most importantly, they really work.

Both brands sell moisturising creams designed specifically to tackle any redness, as well as dry skin. Avene extremely gentle cleanser does a through cleansing job without aggravating the skin. Perhaps these might work for you op?

The only drawback to these products is you don't get the beautiful packaging - it's all very functional I'm afraid. However this also means that they are very reasonably priced, and for a product that actually does what it says on the tin, I'm willing to forego a pretty bottle.

Fuckitthatlldo Sun 28-Apr-13 12:04:04

Also perhaps I can recommend Dr Sam Bunting's blog? I can't do links but it's the first thing that comes up when you google her. She's a cosmetic dermatologist and reading her skin care advice totally changed the products I went for. My skin is better as a result. She's got an answer for every kind of skin problem out there so definitely worth a google.

If you have issues with your skin you don't need advice from a beauty counter sales assistant. You need the advice of a dermatologist.

ppeatfruit Sun 28-Apr-13 12:11:04

Oh dear I don't want to confuse you but TBH those beauty counters are not necesary; I have dryish skin like you and I never wash my face with soap and water at all, I use the lovely Dr Hauschka cleansing milk and you don't have to moisturise at night after using it (it really brightened my skin). Though they do a nice moisturisers as well. They are not as expensive as the really upmarket stuff even though they're not cheap.

Also look at what you eat; the omega 3 oils like linseed and evening primrose are very helpful for your skin, also eat lots of fresh fruit and veg.

jennybistro Fri 10-May-13 12:15:33

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Eliza22 Fri 10-May-13 15:38:00

Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream is lovely. I also recommend the Sunsense50+, which I've only recently bought from amazon at £12.50. (Recommended, kindly, by mumsnetters). Double cleanse + toner leaves my skin clean and soft at night. I use Boots Rose & Glycerine toner at £2.95, I think it is. Very gentle.

I'm loving Roc at the moment as well, but having retinol in them, I'd not go for that, till your "problems" settle.

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