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MN Vogue Vol 9

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shopafrolic Fri 26-Apr-13 13:12:37

Ready and waiting for when volume 8 is full. Lurkers and newbies welcome - come join the fashion and beauty chat.

shopafrolic Fri 26-Apr-13 22:45:14

Wish I lived in Leeds and had some money OneLittleLady

libertychick Fri 26-Apr-13 22:46:31

I like the sandals too Travelin. But I have bought and returned 3 pairs of shoes to Topshop lately...
I got a £10 voucher from Boden plus 15% discount code and cannot get it to work - just doesn't want to accept it - giving up now, will ring Jonnie tomorrow.

MrsRadicchio Fri 26-Apr-13 22:53:33

Welcome Paris and Early. Love the outfit Paris I think the shoes really make it.

Love the Lotta, I have a pair too, also purchased from the seconds section. Silver looks nice, I have a nude pair.

Hopefully I love shoes, as my recent sprees suggest, am happy to do some virtual shopping on your behalf.

Have you seen these veja that Foxy and I have as an alternative to new balance.

Re flats, would you consider brogues? Also there were some nice slipper shoes on &other stories but just had a look through and can't see them. Some lovely flat shoes though so probably worth a look when you come to London. These another alternative to the NB.

Not sure of your colours sorry, though I know orange is one of them!

marmite shoes I like

Anni I like the sweatshirt. Have tried it on before, may go and look again...

santamarianovella Fri 26-Apr-13 22:53:58

Hi paris!,and thank you for the 90s flashback, very clueless! had a very similar pants that i used to wear with crop sweaters i was 13 ,but obviously had good tastewink .
and i will admit that i did own a pair of clogs and thought they were the greatest,trendiest thing there is, and now just shudder thinking about them,maybe thats what we will all think of wedge trainers in 15 years timegrin
amber im shock, those sandals are soo not you!

Annianni Fri 26-Apr-13 22:57:11

thanks for Liberty smile

Annianni Fri 26-Apr-13 22:59:41

I like those Topshop sandals and the Lotta's.

Not keen on the dm's though, sorry MrsR grin

libertychick Fri 26-Apr-13 23:47:11

Has anyone seen or bought decent chinos or cargos recently? I usually get this type of thing in Gap but a few in that style I tried on looked terrible on me. Looking for navy or dark grey - maybe cobalt....

AmberNectarine Sat 27-Apr-13 06:50:34

Hopefully, get the Aldo slipper flats. They are very you.

MarshaBrady Sat 27-Apr-13 07:07:31

Liberty what kind of thing? for some reason an thinking of houlihans but might not be right.

I can't do hasbeens either. Would not look good on me.

MarshaBrady Sat 27-Apr-13 07:08:34

Santa me too re clogs. I think cripes now about them.

noviceoftheday Sat 27-Apr-13 07:23:44

Gah, just lost a post! Liberty try Banana Republic or Ralph Lauren. Also got a cheapie pair from M&S. beware they gape at back though!

It's 9am and 26 deg (please don't hate me!). Today wearing wrangler sun dress with silver gypsy style earrings I bought in Dubai, set of 8 silver bangles from India, ankle bracelet from Egypt and wooden heart necklace from Africa. All accessories are holiday buysgrin

Hopefully Sat 27-Apr-13 07:39:24

Thanks for shoes guys! Am going to try on a bunch of trainers today (will be wearing leather leggings - the ultimate test of whether they work with skinnies!) and hunt down the aldo slippers - I think there's an aldo on Oxford st.

noviceoftheday Sat 27-Apr-13 07:44:11

Clogs and crocs are a fashion that passed me by. Oh and Birkenstocks. Haven't succumbed to the wedge trainers either, thereby cementing my status as not b fashionable!

I meant to say, I wore an orange M&S beach dress yesterday, bought a couple of weeks ago. £15 and very flattering for my body shape.

The day before I wore warehouse turn up shorts which I also bought a couple of weeks ago. Not sure what they were thinking on the cut but the 8 were very snug, and usually 8s are loose in me. I kept them because when I bought them thought I was just having a fat day hmm

MarshaBrady Sat 27-Apr-13 07:48:49

No can't say I've ever worn a croc. Or Birkenstocks or wedge trainers (but probably would with latter if I could get Marant ones).

26 degrees sounds perfect Novice. Has dropped here to 10 unfortunately!

Hopefully Sat 27-Apr-13 08:02:17

I quite like Birkenstocks (for when I need to walk loads and loads), but the only crocs that have passed our threshold are children's ones.

TravelinColour Sat 27-Apr-13 08:30:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MarshaBrady Sat 27-Apr-13 08:38:59

Definitely not a good look on me.

I remember a friend used to wear Birkenstocks a lot, they did suit her style.

Drywhiteplease Sat 27-Apr-13 08:55:46

Morning all.....v sore head after trying rhubarb kir royal and plumb sake ! Neither v nice really....I like champ neat thanks.
Amber I really like those Clarks sandals a lot, look more expensive than they are.....think they are also done in silver and white which if v nice too.
Off to get mere paracetamol sad

Decameron Sat 27-Apr-13 09:11:52

Feel better soon, Drywhite.

I find Birkenstocks and Hasbeens very uncomfortable, if my shoes hurt, I want to cry halfway down the road <granny>. I love wedge trainers, crocs are strictly for the DDs.

Lovely dress, Shop. DD2 shouts no when I try to put that yellow cream on her too.

Novice, hope you are having a great time.

Hi Paris, love the name (and the outfit).

Decameron Sat 27-Apr-13 09:27:40

Liberty, my friend said River Island is good for chinos/cargos. I got J Brand mavericks (the new version of houlihans) in navy and cobalt, they are often on sale on Shopbop.

shopafrolic Sat 27-Apr-13 11:41:30

Liberty I have two pairs of fab chinos that were from Aubin & Wills. Allegedly Jack Wills were going to take on some of their designs to cater for the old A&W customer but I haven't been in to see if that's the case yet.
The Hollingworth chinos look very similar though and seem to come in some great colours........

shopafrolic Sat 27-Apr-13 12:03:36

Damn! I've missed a delivery while I was out. Might be the jeans angry

Drywhiteplease Sat 27-Apr-13 12:41:03

Commiserations shop that is so annoying!!!

Thanks * liberty* for telling me to wear funkier nail colour last night. DH work dos are always difficult to judge fashion wise. Sometimes it's a bit classic/safe and old, but last night there were a lot of beautiful people out ( I was sitting next to the most drop dead gorgeous and lovely woman, kept thinking novice would love the diamond rock she was wearing!grin).. I think I pitched it right, just wish I had fewer wrinkles, maybe a fringe is the answer?grin

santamarianovella Sat 27-Apr-13 12:51:23

no experience with chinos here,but i like the look of the current elliot ones,ooh and the j .crew ones look nice. i saw one at NAP.

noviceoftheday Sat 27-Apr-13 13:07:01

That's annoying Shop sad

We're having a great time though ds isn't sleeping particularly well so we are in his room 3/4 times a night. Also both dcs eczema has flared up now so they get extreme heat rash which is v itchy. It's now going to be 30 degrees for the next week so we will see how they fare. We have hired a villa with a pool so the dcs are loving all the water stuff, playground, and dh is loving my new bikinisgrin

On the beauty front, I have rediscovered my love of primers. I always use the nars face primer but the eyelash and lip primers (mac) are sacrificed normally as I never have time. Looks and feels great and have ditched foundation, concealer and eye shadows for a simpler look.

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