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Slim / straight jeans - where?

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LaTrucha Fri 26-Apr-13 12:50:18

I have been looking for ages in my usual sources and I can't find any I like or that look good when I get to try them on.

I like GAP 1969 straight jeans but they don't have the colours I want.

I want some in pale blue denim and some in dark grey. I'm getting a bit desperate as the ones I have are disintegrating fast.

They need to be cheapish and available online. I don't have many shops near me. Can you help me, please?

TheCraicDealer Fri 26-Apr-13 12:56:44

Next? They have them from £20.

EwanHoozami Fri 26-Apr-13 12:58:43

I really like River Island for jeans, if you home in on the plainer styles. Which is odd as I never like much from the rest of their ranges.

OneMoreGo Fri 26-Apr-13 13:35:11

I had the same problem, had to settle on next even though the colour wasn't quite right - same as link above. M&S had a pale blue straight leg pair for 19.50, might be work a look?

LaTrucha Fri 26-Apr-13 18:42:22

I have looked at both of those but held back on the Next ones because they get such bad reviews. Are they ok onemorego?

M+S just looked a bit too mumsy to risk the postage, but I may have to.

Lots of people on here seem to say Uniqlo but they never, ever seem to have my size.

OneMoreGo Fri 26-Apr-13 19:14:54

I have the next vintage slim in mid wash blue and they are fine. Ordered the darker ones (blue/black) in the same style and they were awful, had to send them back as they were much bigger, and baggy round the crotch and waist. The denim is also totally different, rougher and yet somehow thinner. Bizarre as they were the same size - 12 petite version.
These are the ones i have.

LaTrucha Fri 26-Apr-13 19:40:57

I think they might do me for one pair. Thanks. Odd about the material. I guess that's why the reviews are so hit and miss.

EwanH - I did buy a pair of River Island ones from ebay but I fould the waist too low for me. What's the waist like in the ones you have tried?

FrugalFashionista Fri 26-Apr-13 19:45:57

Sorry if I seem to be repeating the same advice on multiple threads but have you tried Yoox? I've bought two pairs of brilliant straight legs from there this spring. It's a huge site but they have good search functions (choose denim and straight leg) and a wide range of brands, including the very cool but cheap Cheap Monday.

It's where Italian high-end and midrange fashion companies (and many European companies) sell their overstock. They are very good for high-quality basics, usually better than high street.

LaTrucha Fri 26-Apr-13 19:48:46

Thanks. I'll have a look. Fingers crossed they have free delivery smile

theoriginalandbestrookie Fri 26-Apr-13 19:51:16

I have these They are good quality and surprisingly flattering for me as I am a size 14.

I bought a pair of Next skinnies and they get baggy within one wear.

KristinaM Fri 26-Apr-13 19:54:14

Uniqlo. buy the same size as you wear in gap jeans

SwedishEdith Fri 26-Apr-13 19:57:46

When I looked at the Uniqlo straight they had polyester in them shock

browneyedpixie Fri 26-Apr-13 22:18:41

I like next too

SwedishEdith Sat 27-Apr-13 12:20:42

just checked my new Gap ones and they've got polyester in them too. What's going on?shock

Bunbaker Sat 27-Apr-13 18:15:23

Don't laugh, but I have some slim straight leg jeans from Per Una.

LaTrucha Sun 28-Apr-13 08:15:01

My old grey ones are from Per Una. They're ok but now not even Per Una are doing grey ones.

LaTrucha Sun 28-Apr-13 08:17:32

I've just had a look and they do nw have some in but they have diamante on the front pocket and I think I draw the line there!

comelywenchlywoo Sun 28-Apr-13 08:26:17

I got some high-waisted slim leg jeans from Next in grey and a few pairs in dark denim and they washed brilliantly, fit soooo well and have lasted well. They were just the basic-type ones rather than the lift and shape ones.

I also bought a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans from Next and took them back as they went saggy after the first wash (washed according to care instructions). The positive in this story is that Next took them back no problem (I'd kept my receipt). So don't be afraid to try Next, but do hang onto your receipt just in case.

comelywenchlywoo Sun 28-Apr-13 08:30:04

these were the ones I got I think, but I can't see any grey anymore, sorry.

LaTrucha Sun 28-Apr-13 19:18:33


scarlettsmummy2 Sun 28-Apr-13 19:24:46

I have great skinny/ straight leg jeans from hollister.

LaTrucha Mon 29-Apr-13 13:06:56

I am nearly 40. Don't I get arrested if I wear Hollister?

Bunbaker Mon 29-Apr-13 13:13:12

I am 54 I wouldn't even be allowed in the shop without my preteen daughter. Besides, I would need a torch to find my way around.

scarlettsmummy2 Mon 29-Apr-13 20:23:17

Sure no body would know where they are from! But, they are the best cut jeans I have had! And only £15 in the sale! I don't normally go in, but the sales guy was lovely and assured me at 31 with three children I wasn't too oldsmile

TheCraicDealer Mon 29-Apr-13 20:44:23

scarlet, they've stopped doing that style. I know because I have looked both in-store (in Belfast, sure wink) and online and the bastards now only do the super skinny ones. They were my bum's soulmate.... At least I no-longer have to go jeans shopping kitted out like Doctor fucking Livingstone with a head torch.

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