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Help me accessorise and with hair/make up, please!

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BuntyCollocks Thu 25-Apr-13 16:44:49

My dd is being christened in a few weeks. I have these shoes to go with this dress. I also have a tan waist belt to go with the outfit, too.

I'm thinking of a messy, high bun to complement the outfit, but not sure if I should have some sort of hair accessory?

Also, how heavy should I go on the make up, and what colours would you recommend? Should I emphasise the eyes or lips?

I got my DS's christening horribly wrong, outfit wise, and just looked like a sack of spuds, so I'm hoping to rectify this time!

The dress is lovely on, especially with the belt.

My hair is dark brown, almost black, I am very fair skinned, and have green eyes, if that helps. I like to make an effort with make up as I don't have the chance day to day - no point when it's just me and DC!

BuntyCollocks Wed 01-May-13 20:59:01

Oh, and potentially a cover up to wear atop the dress in case of Baltic conditions, too, please!

mrspaddy Wed 01-May-13 21:04:40

Oh I think the dress is really beautiful. Feminine and pretty. Would you team this with a navy blazer for the church or a cream one? I think the messy bun look would be fab. I wouldn't go crazy with something in hair but a little cream flower or something subtle.

I like the shape of this one

Gorgeous dress. It would be lovely with a white linen mix blazer (if you can wear white; I can't) and wooden bangles. Nothing in the hair. I'd go for your best neutral on eyes, and China doll cheeks and rosebud lips if that makes sense?

BuntyCollocks Thu 02-May-13 18:08:35

Loving the ideas! Make up sounds perfect - may need to treat myself to a new lippie ;)

Why are these blazers so bl

BuntyCollocks Thu 02-May-13 18:08:52

Posted too soon - so bloody hard to find?!

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