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Can anyone help with non-leather versions of these, please?

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twirlyagogo Thu 25-Apr-13 15:54:32

Love all of these, but don't wear leather/suede - has anyone seen similar?

Tan boots -

Bag (black or grey or tan or neutral would all be fine:

Shoes - slightly lower heel if possible:

Also looking for below the knee pencil skirt in quite a bright blue with lots of hold for a wobbly tum!

And a polka dot dress which is fitted (look hideous in things that flare out), short sleeves or sleeveless (would wear with cropped cardi), lowish neckline. Saw Nigella Lawson in one with a bright pink cardi but can't find again. These are mid-weight-loss things (apart from shoes and bag), so preferably not too pricey smile.

Thank you all so much!

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