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Help me find some tops shaped like this please

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I want some tops shaped like this to wear with skinny trousers and a jacket, for work or skinny jeans and a biker for going out. I don't like the pattern/colour of this but do like the price and the fact that it is silk. Please can you help me find anything similar but it most not be polyester and it must be £50 or cheaper, as I need several.

Thanks in anticipation!

MrsLettuce Wed 24-Apr-13 20:19:23


ORANGE but lovely
almost totally of brief but a great price for silk and good choice

Size 12
The Hobbs one could be a contender. The first two are too high necked; I need to be able to open it and wear a cami under due to norkage (sorry, should have mentioned). I actually really like the floral one. The Uniqlo one in the darker green is lovely but that elasticated bottom would be a disaster; I want loose and flowy.

Thank you for a great start though!

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