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I think I need a face brush of some type, suggestions and help appreciated!

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MarcelineTheVampireQueen Wed 24-Apr-13 18:22:33

My skin is very dry, very red and flaky with patches. Makeup is the worst. I wash with cleansers, exfoliate and use masks, still nothing. Someone here was talking clarisonic. Is it for my skin? What cleanser and moisture cream to use? Where is cheapest to get one as I will have to save up?

WallyBantersYoniBox Wed 24-Apr-13 23:06:38

Are the exfoliations perhaps a little harsh on your skin?

I was in a similar situation with dry skin on my forehead.

I actually find an oil cleanser has done the trick and I don't exfoliate anymore. The results have been amazing.

For the record I used a pre made one by Shu Uemura, but a company called DHC also make a version or you can make a homemade version too. Try googling oil cleanse.

SavoyCabbage Wed 24-Apr-13 23:21:21

Yes, try the oil cleansing method. Different oils are suitable for different skin types. I use walnut oil.

squoosh Wed 24-Apr-13 23:54:00

I think your methods are too harsh for your skin type. Oil cleansing method might work for you or if you don't like the sound of that after cleansing try massaging some facial oil, the Boots Botanics one is good, into your face and then night cream too.

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