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Any other users of Avene Triachneal? Would love to hear how you got on with it.

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Fuckitthatlldo Tue 23-Apr-13 14:42:05

I started using Triachneal just under a week ago. I don't have acne - in fact overall my skin is pretty good in the sense of having lots of natural luminosity and being fairly even toned - but I am prone to oilyness around the t-zone and some spots and blemishes around the chin area, particularly in the week before my period.

I just got tired of there always being something spoiling my complexion and needing to be covered up with concealer. So I decided to change my skin care regime and on the (general online) advice of Dr Sam Bunting have begun to use Triachneal every day as well as making sure everything I put on my face is non comedogenic.

Now I am experiencing some mild redness and irritation - I'm not worried about that as it is a well documented side effect and I know it will calm down as my skin acclimatises to the product.

BUT, I have developed an absolute whopper of a spot on my cheek. It is deep below the surface, so no head, but has caused a huge bump. I never get spots like this! What's going on? Does Triachneal cause some sort of purging process, and has anyone else any experience of this?


Fuckitthatlldo Tue 23-Apr-13 19:04:05


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