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Where is Denise's galaxy print dress from?

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whoneedssleepanyway Tue 23-Apr-13 13:18:35


I really like it does anyone know where I could get a similar one from tried googling it but couldn't see anything similar.

QueenCadbury Tue 23-Apr-13 13:37:51

Are you on twitter? You could tweet her.

I've seen it somewhere whilst browing but can't remember where <helpful>

Sleepwhenidie Tue 23-Apr-13 13:38:07

It's really annoying me because I've seen it on a website somewhere, but I can't find it right now. It looks a bit McQ to me but maybe not this season...this is similar, possibly more flattering and probably more affordable?

whoneedssleepanyway Tue 23-Apr-13 13:40:53

Not on twitter i could get a friend to tweet her.
That is nice Sleep but a bit dressier I liked hers as it was quite casual.

QueenCadbury Tue 23-Apr-13 13:42:50

sleep I'm wondering if it's been linked to at some point on the vogue thread as I have definitely seen it before.

who have you looked at places like matches and my wardrobe etc.

sirtoffeedoris Tue 23-Apr-13 13:48:14

I'm sure zara had a t-shirt in that print a few years ago, or=d it could be from christopher kane's 2011 resort collection. Alternatively, it could be cheap as chips from an alternative type shop.

not galaxy, but similar ish feel?

Picturesinthefirelight Tue 23-Apr-13 14:00:16

I follow DVO on twitter and she often replies to questions about where her clothes are from.

neriberi Tue 23-Apr-13 14:00:43

I've been trying to find a dress for my sisters wedding and have seen in somewhere as well, but can't remember where. I thought it might have been a maria grachvogel or a Christoper Kane dress?

whoneedssleepanyway Tue 23-Apr-13 14:01:09

Pictures a bit of a cheek blush but I am not on twitter, would you be able to ask her where it is from for me?

noddyholder Tue 23-Apr-13 14:01:31

I think american apparel do then

Stokey38 Tue 23-Apr-13 14:04:27

I think it's by Christopher Kane. He definitely did something very similar.

Tortington Tue 23-Apr-13 14:05:51

oh is that a daily fail link? I will not be clicking,

snowgal Tue 23-Apr-13 14:15:08

Not the same print but a similar-ish look, and it is lovely....

ChablisLover Tue 23-Apr-13 14:17:45

is it river island?

Picturesinthefirelight Tue 23-Apr-13 14:18:10

Ok done.

whoneedssleepanyway Tue 23-Apr-13 14:24:13

Thanks Pictures grin

snowgal Tue 23-Apr-13 14:29:22

I think you're right Chablis!

whoneedssleepanyway Tue 23-Apr-13 14:47:30

It is River Island isn't it, damn it I will never get my hands on it now unless it comes up on Ebay. Thanks everyone.

whoneedssleepanyway Tue 23-Apr-13 14:52:43

a size 16 and a size 18 on ebay :-(

looks like a 12 came up recently though so will keep my eye out.

whoneedssleepanyway Wed 24-Apr-13 10:25:25

So doing a bit of browsing last night New Look have some similar dresses

What do you think about this grey tie dye one

Can't make my mind up...

dexter73 Wed 24-Apr-13 10:33:28

I saw that tie dye one in New Look and thought it was nice, but it was very thin and I think would show up every lump and bump so I gave it a miss. I do like it very much though (damn the lumps and bumps!).

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