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professional studio/photographer for a mature 'model' book in London, any reccomendations?

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YoniShapedLoveBox Mon 22-Apr-13 21:18:00


I am thinking about having some professional photos taken, with a good photographer, and create a book (model style iykwim) I want to avoid big busy studios and lots of people.
However I have few problems

1 - I am shy in front of strangers and hate posing
2 - My wardrobe is shit and I can't put clothes never mind accessories together so I would need to borrow stuff from someone who can help me create a look
3 - I am rubbish at styling my hair and doing my own make up so I would need someone to do it for me

4 - I don't have much money but don't mind paying a reasonable price if good results are guaranteed.

Has anyone ever done it or know who to recommend?

YoniShapedLoveBox Mon 22-Apr-13 23:06:17

theghastlywoman I know. That is why I came asking for personal recommendations.
I can google. I have been googling. But I don't want to invest in something I will not be comfortable with.
Vintage doesn't suit me at all.
And I am not looking for a personal shopper and least a personal wardrobe organizer or whatever (she will laugh at mine), there will be nothing for her to organise, I have very few clothes.
I don't want to change my style or be taught the best colour to match my skin tone.
I just want a photo shoot, with exotic clothing/hair/make up/poses that will seem natural and real even though is opposite my personality.

ah I think some people are also taking the piss at my writing, guess what, English isn't my language either

garlicyoni Mon 22-Apr-13 23:09:59

Oh dear.
Oh well.
Good luck.

TheSecondComing Mon 22-Apr-13 23:14:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

garlicyoni Mon 22-Apr-13 23:14:59

(What's wrong with me, I don't know when to give up!)

How do you know the studio will have exotic clothes that fit you, suit you and convey the impression you wish? Especially given they'll never have met you before?

How can you trust them to get your hair & makeup right for you when they only have an hour or so to look at you?

Do you have the foggiest idea how unlikely it is that a non-model, who doesn't like having her photo taken, would be able to assume poses that look flatteringly natural during a two-hour shoot? (I was a model, way back, and I only have 3 reliable attitudes. I look shit in any other picture.)

garlicyoni Mon 22-Apr-13 23:16:07

TSC, I'm sure I've seen your outfit in the makeover shoot ads Wowcher keeps sending me ...

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 22-Apr-13 23:24:40


YoniShapedLoveBox Mon 22-Apr-13 23:24:53


I don't/didn't/wouldn't know any of this. I was never a model. I don't know nothing. And that is why I am asking.
Why does it got to be 1 hour or 2? Why not more?
Well I don't know, do I?
But it doesn't seem an impossible idea to me.
If there isn't a place offering this service in London, so maybe someone should look into it.

I understand that a personal stylist would be helpful creating the whole concept of the photo shoot, I thought you were recommending a personal stylist instead of the photo shoot to sort me out.

ThatGhastlyWoman Mon 22-Apr-13 23:25:16

Wow. Did you mean to come across as so rude and dismissive, Yoni? Because if you did, it's working. Aside from Toni (who does do other styles of photography btw, although vintage is his niche), I suggested you contact the LPA. Garlic is totally on the ball. Photographers generally don't achieve the sorts of results you are looking for without a stylist.

A stylist is not the same a personal shopper, or whatever. It is a skilled profession, and a different skillset to photography.

garlic. I'll tell you to stop if you tell me to stop. Deal?

YoniShapedLoveBox Mon 22-Apr-13 23:28:44

No I didn't.
And I will stop first.

garlicyoni Mon 22-Apr-13 23:52:44

Oooh! We're all stopped, then ... confused

Ujjayi Tue 23-Apr-13 01:26:31

Wow. Way to go on ripping the OP apart.

What a nasty bunch of responses.

BOF Tue 23-Apr-13 02:44:15

Honestly, what else would anyone expect after such a rude OP?

Chubfuddler Tue 23-Apr-13 03:13:56

The op is Samantha Brick or the bored panel of wannabe hacks who ghost write for her. Got to be.

MonkeyingAroundTown Tue 23-Apr-13 07:23:27

Maybe the op did come across as vain but she is asking for help.

I am sure there are photographers out there who will gladly do a portfolio for you which include make up and hair styling. However i am not sure they will have a wardrobe of clothing for you.

Perhaps try looking to see what kind of clothing you wish to wear and source them first. Then once you are happy with them book yourself in with a reputable photographer at a studio. Like i said in my other post there are deals out there with living social etc who do these kind of things so they do exist.

If you are in london then there surely will be thousands!!

I live up north and i know of a few photographer studios. In fact i had my very own portfolio done some years ago when i was 18 as i wanted to pursue modelling. I loved the experience and did some pics on location too. I had my make up and hair done by a professional but brought along all my own clothes.

Keep searching and i am sure you will find something.

YoniShapedLoveBox Tue 23-Apr-13 09:34:59

Thank you monkey for taking the time to write such a helpful reply. I now see that I definitely should source the clothes first and have a more concrete idea of what/how I want to look.

YoniShapedLoveBox Tue 23-Apr-13 09:43:51

Also I'm not vain. I just wanted to make a point that despite my shyness and being awkard in front of the camera, bad photographers or amateurs can get good results with little production. I truly didn't know that being happy with the way you look and verbally it would come across as rude. But what would I expect, it is Mumsnet isn't it?

Geordieminx Tue 23-Apr-13 09:53:35

Are you Amanda Holden?

YoniShapedLoveBox Tue 23-Apr-13 10:06:10

No. I'm not Amanda or Samantha or any other journo. I'm just a woman who doesn't need to diet and doesn't need to be high maintenance to look good. I'm just happy with the way I look. And I made a mistake by saying this out loud on a anonymous forum full of women. But I understand. I have suffered the same problem in RL. Only that I don't need to say anything because people can look at me. And they bitch behind my back, but here you are protected by your nickname.

Chubfuddler Tue 23-Apr-13 10:11:49

Priceless. The daily mail would give you at least 200 smackers for your "persecuted for my beauty hell" story. They'd even take some photos.

YoniShapedLoveBox Tue 23-Apr-13 10:17:23

If you want to be funny, you need to try a bit harder.

Chubfuddler Tue 23-Apr-13 10:36:08

Well I've had my fun, and that's all that matters.

twirlyagogo Tue 23-Apr-13 12:02:04

Leather flying jacket grin

Angles grin grin

Witness the fitness grin grin grin grin grin

Although you're wrong Chubfuddler - Daily Mail would go to £2k for this!


YoniShapedLoveBox Tue 23-Apr-13 12:52:59

You can carry on bullying making fun if you want but I don't think I have done nothing wrong. Just said I think look beautiful and I'm happy with it. Yes, made English mistakes and so what? I haven't being rude and didn't offend anyone. But if you think you are having an ok behaviour go won't make me feel bad but will certainly have a kick at kicking someone else. It's a virtual forum, who cares?

ellangirl Tue 23-Apr-13 13:39:05

The OP didn't start but being rude at all, and given how many women are unhappy with the way they look, I think it's great that the OP
Is genuinely happy with her looks. Wish more women were, myself included.
Sort I know nothing about photographers etc, but good luck with your search...

garlicyoni Tue 23-Apr-13 13:41:08

"I don't think I've done anything wrong."
Let me disabuse you. It might help you in the future.
Your second post was hostile.
Your third post was unusually detailed in aspects of your beauty, where most people would say "I look OK" or "I'm photogenic." This made you seem either vain or defensive.
Your fifth post attacked everybody on Mumsnet.
Your sixth post was passive-aggressive.
Your seventh was, too.
Your eighth started off reasonable, but by line four you were angry again.
Nine to thirteen were discursive, well done.
You put down my reply and Ghastlywoman's in ways that showed you hadn't bothered to read what we were saying. I certainly felt you sneered at my efforts.

It took around 50 posts for you to respond to what others had actually said, instead of leaping instantly to attack. I think it was pretty damn heroic of people to persist in trying to help you find the answer to your question.

As you were so eager to find offence in whatever people said, it's hardly surprising others resorted to humour. A better OP would have known how to defuse that, or even join in. You are extraordinarily prickly.

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