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Has anyone had their hair chemically straightened at the hairdressers?????

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QE Tue 16-May-06 13:40:20

I've impulsively booked myself in tomorrow to have my hair professionally straightened as I am so fed up with my natural wavy hair.

If anyone has had this done - how was the result - were you pleased with it - did it last until it grew out - how often does it need redoing, if at all?

Is it just a perm in reverse??

Am I mad??

Kelly1978 Tue 16-May-06 13:49:08

No experience personally, though I know you need to have thick hair. My friend has it doen regulary, it lasts until it grows through at the roots and then she has it redone again, but she is black, and her afro type regrowth is more noticeable. I guess with wavy hair is wouldn't be so bad.

Kelly1978 Tue 16-May-06 13:51:58

Oh, and she did describe it as a perm in reverse.

mythumbelinas Tue 16-May-06 13:55:29

i've had lots of friends who've done this .. inc one sister .. very popular and their hair looks amazingly sleek and shiny. Less fuss after washing hair too! lasts for about 6 months-ish

QE Tue 16-May-06 13:58:40

My hair is actually quite short but because of the natural curl, I just can't do anything with it at all. I start off looking okayish but after a couple of hours it looks really frumpy and I subsequently feel like a right minger!!!

Next week I have booked in to have 2 colours put in so it is going to be a total change for me - just hoping it is worth the money - eeeek!

MeAndMyBoy Tue 16-May-06 13:59:29

No personal experience but a friend has it done as she has almost afro curly hair and got very very fed up with.

She has it done every 6 or 8 weeks I think and is very happy with the results. She still straightens her hair as well with straigheners to get the style she wants. You just end up with curly roots the same way you end up with different colour roots if you have your hair dyed so get it done as often as you need to.

good luck let us know how it goes and what you think

Kelly1978 Tue 16-May-06 14:00:39

It isn't usualyl a good idea to colour and straigten hair, because the relaxing chemicals make it very dry and weaken it a lot. You might need to at least leave it a bit longer, maybe book it for the week after?

QE Tue 16-May-06 14:04:35

By the time I have the colour done it will be 10 days after the straigthening - I was told this would be long enough in between.

Does this sound about right or would longer be better?

wishfulthinking Tue 16-May-06 14:06:09

I've got naturally curly/wavy minging hair (especially bad since having dd!) and it's quite fine too. I had it straightened a good few years ago - it was all right but I wouldn't say I was that impressed. This was well before the days of hair straightners. That could have something to do with the fineness of it though. Would be interested to see how you get on. I know the hairdresser used a product that was very coconutty......and I HATE coconut!!!!!!!

Kelly1978 Wed 17-May-06 09:42:54

the recomendatiojn is two weeks, so taht doesn't sound too bad. I'm interested now too, I straighten my hair every day and would love it to be straight and smooth without all that hassle.

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