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Has Anyone Seen Cropped Jeans?

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Fimbo Tue 16-May-06 12:29:48

I want cropped jeans. Just that, CROPPED not those under the knee jobbies or culottes, nor turn-ups. Just plain jeans that stop at the ankle. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cod Tue 16-May-06 12:30:06

Message withdrawn

cod Tue 16-May-06 12:31:15

Message withdrawn

bundle Tue 16-May-06 12:34:36


Polgara2 Tue 16-May-06 12:35:11

Don't Next have them?

Fimbo Tue 16-May-06 12:36:05

Pah size 6 - don't speak to such creatures of such size.

Were they cropped? BTW

cod Tue 16-May-06 12:36:20

Message withdrawn

cod Tue 16-May-06 12:37:00

Message withdrawn

FrannytheGazelle Tue 16-May-06 12:37:46

I tried on those knee jobby ones and they looked diabolical, what was that all about?

cod Tue 16-May-06 12:38:03

Message withdrawn

Fimbo Tue 16-May-06 12:40:20

Next don't really have what I am looking for. I went to look at a pair in there in the flesh but they stopped under the knee and I want them longer <<<stamps feet>>

FrannytheGazelle Tue 16-May-06 12:40:36

Aha, me too. That is that then.

Shame, I think they look great on others.

Fimbo Tue 16-May-06 12:41:54

Yes those things that stop at the knees you would need to be really skinny in the leg department and wear heels.

Polgara2 Tue 16-May-06 12:46:22

Hmm can't usually do links but here goes
these any good?

cod Tue 16-May-06 12:46:56

Message withdrawn

cod Tue 16-May-06 12:47:16

Message withdrawn

Polgara2 Tue 16-May-06 12:48:40

Told you I can't do links - bugger what am I doing wrong!!!

cod Tue 16-May-06 12:48:44

Message withdrawn

Polgara2 Tue 16-May-06 12:49:05

OMG it worked!!!

FrannytheGazelle Tue 16-May-06 12:50:01

Me and cod both have skinny legs though and look crap in the knee things Fimbo. We both have great legs as evidenced by our city short chicness (no actually mine are too skinny but I thought that would be a good thing for the knee thingies)

Fimbo Tue 16-May-06 12:50:51

Nice .

Fimbo Tue 16-May-06 12:54:26

Oh Franny it would be lovely to have skinny legs!
Quite like the John Rocha ones from the Debenhams link but I am thinking they will still be too short for me. Will hit the shops on Saturday.

bundle Tue 16-May-06 13:31:05

these look nice

anniemac Tue 16-May-06 13:46:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cod Tue 16-May-06 14:02:11

Message withdrawn

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