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Breastfeeding new mum needs help with wedding outfit!

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roseinwinter Mon 22-Apr-13 12:06:52

Hi there,

I have a family wedding coming up in about a month and am in desperate of need of help with my outfit. I had my first baby 2 months ago and will still be breastfeeding. I haven't yet lost the baby weight and am feeling less than confident with my post baby figure - I was a curvy 10-12 before and now am more like a 14.

I have this dress;jsessionid=BC80835A47558A25BA26D31878A7E6CE
in the pink rose colour but have no idea what shoes to wear with it. I will be carrying the baby most of the day and haven't really worn heels since before getting pregnant. Would these go?

I don't really like any of the specialist breastfeeding I have seen and would prefer to spend money something I can wear again.

Any advice appreciated - thank you!

lucamom Mon 22-Apr-13 12:14:09

I haven't looked at the Isabella Oliver site recently, but through 3 pg & post-baby bodies (countless weddings/christening a etc), I wore a black tunic/wrap top and trousers from their site (sad to admit last baby was 18 mths ago and still wearing them!).

I found it a perfect outfit for many reasons:

Easy & discreet access
Comfortable in pg
Flat or heels can be worn
Can be accessorised to the max with hat/fascinator etc, or dressed down according to occasion

Also, the fact that it's black makes it less distinctive so people not likely to remember if you wear it more than once, whereas with an out-there colour you can't always re-use.

lightfairy Mon 22-Apr-13 12:21:42

I think that the dress would be good as it looks like you can manover the front. Be careful that it doesn't get stretched cos you won't be able to wear it again if it does.
Those shoes would go but maybe take a pair of pumps to put on later if you end up with achy feet.
I wore my BF clothes after I stopped feeding because they maintained their shape and still looked good. Just because that purpose is over, doesn't mean you can't continue to use that item of clothing. However, I have had to bin loads of non specific tops because i stretched them while feeing.
I hope I've been helpful.

roseinwinter Mon 22-Apr-13 18:50:40

Thanks so much for the responses. I can definitely see the appeal of wearing all black but I don't really wear black head to toe ever and don't think it's an option for a wedding. Also, it might sound silly but I can't bring myself to buy maternity clothes 2 months after the baby has arrived!

Lightfairy - thats good advice, thanks. I've already noticed some of my tops losing their shape from being stretched so I might invest in some special breastfeeding tops.

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