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Epilator woes..ingrowing hairs

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knitknack Mon 22-Apr-13 12:55:59

I get this too, I use those gloves that you put on in the bath/shower to exfoliate - they seem to really help!

Financeprincess Mon 22-Apr-13 00:05:03

Have you tried 'ingrow go' from Skin Doctors (think Boots sell it) or Tend Skin? They are both salicylic acid-based lotions which are good for preventing and releasing ingrowers. Invaluable if you get your bikini line waxed, too. Good luck.

Spring is here so last week I decided to get out the trusty torture machine. Did my legs over a few days (as new ones seem to pop up every day) and all was smooth.

Yesterday I thought I'd better do another session and discovered that lots and lots of hairs have regrown..under the skin. Really under but visible..and several mm long so not a good look! I scrubbed and mositurised before epilating so have no idea why it is so bad this time.. I've been scraping them up painfully with the end of tweezerssad

Any suggestions how to miminise this? Or should I just go back to my razorsad

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