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So, what is a really good bra and do I really need one?

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Restorer Sun 21-Apr-13 20:07:12

I know a good bra can transform an outfit and I know I have some that are better than others.

I have a very small bust, 34B according to M&S blush but even if that's wrong, I don't really have much to put in a bra. e.g although I do wear a sports bra, am perfectly comfortable running in an ordinary bra, there really isn't much to bounce!

So, what (for me) would be "a really good bra"

Also, while we're on the subject, tell me about fancy bras. I always buy completely plain t-shirt bras as I find any lace or embellishment just makes lumps under my clothes, but clearly a lot of pretty bras are sold, so what do others do?

SorrelForbes Sun 21-Apr-13 20:52:29

OK, a good bra for you is going to be totally dependant on your size and shape and what you want the bra for (support, lift, shape, wearing under a low cut top etc. etc.).

If you were measured at M&S then you're almost certainly not a 34B! Visit the Better Bra Campaign blog and follow the guidance on how to measure youself properly.

Sites like Bratabase have good info on breast shapes and styles that might suit those shapes.

I tend to have a mix of plain and fancy bras but the plain ones are usually better for under tight tops.

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