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Electrolysis for blonde fuzzy face!!

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freerangeeggs Sun 21-Apr-13 18:35:16

Hi everyone, I wonder if you can help.

I have lots of fine, fuzzy blonde hairs on my face, especially on my lower cheeks. Some of them are quite long. I pluck the longer ones but they do seem to grow back in as stubble.

I wouldn't mind so much but they become a bit more visible when I put on makeup; I have quite troublesome skin so I have to wear foundation every day to cover blemishes.

I don't think waxing/hair removal creams/epilation are a good idea as I don't want to end up with lots of thick stubbly hairs - I'd rather it just stayed as it is (at least it's light coloured). Of course laser won't work on light hairs.

As such I'm thinking about electrolysis. It seems to have quite mixed reviews on MN. Has anyone had any success with this, on the type of hairs I'm talking about?

Thanks smile

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