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what colour summer shoes do you wear if you have pinky bluey white legs?

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SarfEasticated Sun 21-Apr-13 18:28:10

I have red hair and the pale skin that goes with it. I am looking at summer shoes and see some rather nice lace up brogues and also some white loafers (can't find the link). I'm just not sure what colour will work well with my legs sad. Also how are you meant to wear these brogues in the summer? with socks? surely at 45 it would look a bit odd on me?

HandsofaCrone Sun 21-Apr-13 18:34:29

I wear silver or navy, both seem to make my very very white feet look glowy and even-toned instead of pasty/blotchy.

I don't have any brogues so can't help there. I'd love some but would wear with opaque tights, ie not on hot days. What about with those tiny sports socks that you can't see over the shoe?

LizzyDay Sun 21-Apr-13 18:37:49

I find white shoes of any kind are disastrous against my blue/white skin. Black's not great, but I can get away with thin flip flops or sandals in black.

Bright jewel colours seem to work best (aqua, royal blue, fuschia).

If you suit golds and bronzes then that might work?

Painted toenails help, but only in certain colours.

tbh I think proper shoes like brogues are hard to get away with with bare legs anyway unless you have great skin, smooth legs and are very shapely.

SarfEasticated Sun 21-Apr-13 18:40:11

silver's a nice idea - i always wear navy and would like a change this year. Maybe I would just wear the brogues in a 'frenchy/trenchy' way, with capri trousers rather than with a skirt. I really like them...

SarfEasticated Sun 21-Apr-13 18:42:50

Yes Lizzy I agree, possible cute if your lithe and 19, maybe a bit too school marmish if over 40! bronze is nice too maybe?

MadBusLady Sun 21-Apr-13 18:43:02

+1 for silver, it's amazing. Tan can be ok too. I can sometimes get away with darker colours with thick enough nude tights.

SarfEasticated Sun 21-Apr-13 18:43:38

"possibly cute if you're lithe"

HandsofaCrone Sun 21-Apr-13 18:47:03

Depending on your skintone and how warm it is, I've seen redheads look amazing in bronze.

SarfEasticated Sun 21-Apr-13 18:54:09

Hmmm - bronze. I go for cool colours rather than warm ones - will see if I can find a somewhere to try those Hobbs ones on. They really are last season apparently :D

FrugalFashionista Sun 21-Apr-13 19:16:50

The rule of thumb to avoid nudes that are more tan than your legs if your legs are pasty. Pinky nudes and tan look godawful on me (blue/green-tinged pale skin), but light taupe is a fantastic neutral shoe color on me.

Avoid white and pale shoes if you have big feet - they will look like canoes. I have size 8 shoes and own a couple of white pairs - can really only wear them with flares and bootcuts. Brogues will also exaggerate that effect.

My best sandal color after taupe and bronze is denim blue - bright havaianas shades work well too. Silver, aqua, turquoise etc look great when my feet are tanned but not so great early in the summer.

SarfEasticated Sun 21-Apr-13 21:35:50

Thanks FF i too have the blue/green tinge, but mine never tans! I will definitely look into bronze...
Thanks everyone!

hollyisalovelyname Sun 21-Apr-13 21:39:03

Try fake tan?

SarfEasticated Sun 21-Apr-13 21:43:50

In over 20 years of trying I have never found one that looks natural on me holly. I think because I don't go brown at all the colours just look odd on me. Thanks though!

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