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Frugal Follow-up

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FrugalFashionista Sat 20-Apr-13 18:44:20

We've hopelessly lost the old thread. How are you doing ladies?

I need to reawaken the thread as I need to get back on the wagon. I decided to temporarily suspend my shopping ban - it's summery here and I've started wearing summer clothes and I decided to make some purchases now so that I can wear them all season long (in low 20s it's still a bit too cool for my routine sleeveless dress/bare legs summer look). Most of my old summer clothes are in great shape but this is what I needed to update them -

1. white jeans (have lots of denim shirts and blue tops) - straight-leg, non see-through wink
2. colorful printed cigarette pants (my wardrobe is mostly solid colors - I want to wear prints but not near my face) - found a pair in my favorite colors from MSMG <love>
3. sandals (bored of ballet flats and Havaianas) - black cage wedges, low-rent child-friendly version of the Altuzarra look
4. slingbacks (found a lovely two-tone white/taupe pair on sale)
5. a few bracelets to liven things up

I'm still looking for a couple of high-quality white or cream tops, scoop neck if possible. They seem to be the hardest item to find, but my refound Zara poly-viscose top is surprisingly versatile. Still thinking about a long and narrow snakeprint silk scarf in my best blues and also need to make a decision regarding nude/taupe courts (to go with my summer cocktail dresses).

Spring lasted for 3-4 weeks here and coincided with my 1-month shopping ban. By thinking a bit harder and digging a bit deeper I was able to find all spring outfits I ever needed without any spending! Summer will be around until the end of October so I hope that I will get quite a lot of wear out of my mix of old and new. But I think I'm almost done with wardrobe updates and might go back to tight-fist mode very soon wink

QueenCadbury Sun 21-Apr-13 19:59:25

Hi all. Can I just say that queen looks fabulous in her new colours. I had mine done also and am a sprinter winter. I will definitely need to go shopping as although I have the right sorts of colours in my wardrobe they're just not the correct vivid jewel tone. I always bought muted tones as i was convinced i was a summer. just goes to show that you can't self diagnose on the internet. Like queen I can't replace it all overnight (oh, how I wish I could) but having seen what a difference the correct colours can make I'm desperate to get started! I had put myself on a shopping ban over the last couple of months but bought a cardigan that I was convinced would be my colour and now I'm kicking myself that it's not!!

VioletGoesVintage Sun 21-Apr-13 20:46:01

Oh, I really want my colours done too! Am fairly sure I'm a winter, partly because of the colours that I think suit me, and that I tend to get compliments when wearing, and partly because of what a colour analyst lady said when she gave a talk to my old NCT toddler group. It was funny to look round the room and see everyone "wearing" a scarf in their bleurgh colours (as diagnosed by the analyst). Mine was salmon pink. I look dead in salmon pink.

Have been spending money like water recently. Sadly (or perhaps not?), only £35 odd of it was on me. DigWeedSow, I too succumbed to this weekend's Zatchel sale. Managed to whittle a very extensive and expensive wish list down to one item: the gothic lace saddle bag. Can't wait for it to arrive! And very proud that I didn't just think to hell with it and order three. I would have done once. Am really hoping that making less frequent, more considered and more eagerly anticipated purchases will mean I get more enjoyment - and use! - from them. I definitely remember shopping being far more thrilling when I was an impoverished student than when I had a City worker's salary and could pretty much buy what I wanted.

Anyway, like another poster (*Chablis*? Sorry if that's wrong, am afraid of losing message if I scroll back to check) I've just spent a small fortune on car repairs. And shortly afterwards the tumble dryer broke....and then my shower....and both DC suddenly needed new shoes......<Sigh>

DigWeedSow Sun 21-Apr-13 21:57:31

Violet The Zatchel sale was too hard to resist wasn't it! To be fair though I have been wanting one for some time but couldn't bring myself to pay full price. I was sorely tempted to buy another but resisted, hopefully they'll be dispatched soon.

Very interested to hear about getting your colours done. I would love to get mine done, I know that my colouring is soft and low contrast but very neutral. I always thought that I was an Autumn as I have green eyes and chestnut hair however my eyes are grey green and my natural hair colour is mousy so I could be a soft summer. Pale muted colours suit me, I'm lost in dark colours and brights.

ShirleySharpeyes Sun 21-Apr-13 22:30:57

I love knowing my 'colours' - it makes charity shopping and places like TK Maxx far easier as you can weed out most of it as being of the wrong hue. I would recommend getting it done as I am sure it's saved me money in the long run, and my wardrobe is really quite together as a result. I'm saving for the style day next, which is meant to be equally revealing.

QoW I had my colours done over 2 years ago and I'm a dark leaf autumn, my best colours are dark brown, brick, olive, forest green and Kingfisher. I still wear indigo jeans as they seem to go with the rest of my wardrobe, and i have a drawer full, plus they are slimming and far enough from my face to not make me too washed out. I would love to wear denim shirts - but have excepted that I really don't look great in them.

FrugalFashionista Mon 22-Apr-13 09:19:33

Loving the color talk ladies!

It's a cold, dreary and rainy morning - today's outfit is not very imaginative
* camel merino v-neck (one of my hardest-working sweaters)
* indigo skinnies (I know, I know - but these are two years old)
* gray opaques (darned)
* navy suede loafers (hand-me-downs from my mother)
* new smoke blue/aqua snakeprint scarf (loving the opulence of of python print on thick silk)
* new steel bracelet

I'm a walking cliche in scarf, sweater and skinnies wink - and it gets worse - the new scarf is basically a retake of the classic MN scarf blush
Busy day ahead but feel good because made some progress decluttering last night and managed to do a big return this morning.
And a slash of fuchsia lipstick never fails to cheer me up.

Like Shirley says, the side-effect is of having your colours done is that discount/outlet shopping becomes a breeze.
The unwanted side-effect: I'm drowning in bargainous find - cumulative effect not so good.

What are you wearing today?

ShirleySharpeyes Mon 22-Apr-13 09:45:58

Cold and wet here - so wearing indigo straight leg jeans, rolled up so I can fit my fitflop polar sneakers on (not glamorous but warm and so comfy), teal long sleeved top and favourite sludgy green wool jumper - all favourite, easy items and worn very regularly. I'm working from home today and have a huge list to achieve (hence loitering on MN). Only reason to leave the house is to post 8 ebay parcels (yay! goodbye pile of stuff), and to take the kids to a swimming lesson after school.

teta Mon 22-Apr-13 10:17:28

Rather boringly i am wearing a navy crewneck with M&S indigo jeggings plus Hush leopard silk/wool scarf.Its a bright sunny morning here and we had a lovely walk to school.All the scented bulb pots are looking and smelling beautiful in the garden.
I have been really good this month and spent nothing.I ordered 2 dresses from Wrap earlier but have now returned them as they were utterly shapeless.I am rather tempted by a couple of things in the Toast catalogue though.Will think about them while i do my wardrobe sort-out and before i go to the gym.Also have to do some work for dh's company that i have already been paid for.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 22-Apr-13 10:45:10

It's cold here too:

Grey long sleeved t shirt, very tight fitting though not baggy.
Mid wash skinny jeans biker details
Black leather all saints jacket
Greige wool all saints scarf
Kurt geiger plimsoles in dark gold.

Are indigo jeans out? I like indigo jeans but dh is a style guru and says that a "brighter" denim is required now.

My basic vests are on their way, which is why it is now freezing. Sorry everyone.

VioletGoesVintage Mon 22-Apr-13 11:30:04

Quite warm here today. I'm wearing:

Raspberry bootcuts worn very long over burgundy converse
Navy and lighter blue long sleeved striped tee worn under
Slouchy elbow length navy tee, which is flecked with tiny dots of colour: raspberry, paler pink, blue
Huge bright pink scarf patterned with pink and green roses (from the same eBay seller as the MN scarf)
Blue bead bracelet

Wore a slouchy navy blazer when I went out earlier but was too hot!

DigWeedSow Mon 22-Apr-13 11:42:20

Cold here but the sun is shining! Day at home today catching up on housework and waiting for repair man who's coming to fix the tumble dryer (another broken one, what is it with tumble dryers at the moment!) so in old mid wash Gap boyfriend jeans and a raspberry striped long sleeve t.

Fluffy I'm another indigo jeans fan and see them as a classic colour denim, they might not be bang on trend but I don't think that they'll ever be completely out.

lurkingaround Mon 22-Apr-13 11:52:47

Hi all! Haven't been on MN for ages, life just got in the way of MN! I missed a lot of the last thread, just couldn't get the time. But I am having a quiet moment at work, and I logged on, delighted to see you all here.

My fashion buying ban ended too. Have made a few purchases, some necessary, some not-so-necessary, not helped by all the SALE ON emails. So tempting. I need to reign in again, cop on a bit.

So I just have 2 things on my list. Much like others, I really want a pair of white jeans, straight or baby boot. Good solid thick denim, no flimsy stuff. Def not skinny, sadlle-bag alert here. And sandals. And that's it.

Great colour and fashion talk here.

lurkingaround Mon 22-Apr-13 11:56:00

Frugal can I ask where is your lovely blue/aqua scarf from? Sounds gorgeous.

ShirleySharpeyes Mon 22-Apr-13 13:17:06

teta there was a toast code for 15% off mentioned on a thread yesterday - won't retype it here as don't want to be seen as an enabler! But I have been thinking about using it as well, although I realise mine is a want rather than a need....

teta Mon 22-Apr-13 15:09:51

Thank you Shirley s.I found similar items in my wardrobe and have now decided to be frugal and use the items i have already got.I love the toast khaki/orange/cream scarf.I have just found an enormous silk Peony scark in a puckered sari-like green/orange colourway that i can wear.I have also refound cotton/cashmere sweaters in green/teal/peach/orange that i can update with my jersey maxi/midi.I put all my Bretons away last autumn as i was fed up of them.Now they look pretty fresh.Tucked away were 3 cotton/cashmere grandad style bretons in red ,green and blue colourways[with a contrasting edging].They're lovely [but i am a bit too fat in them].Its my incentive to restart my diet.I have rolled up some old straight legged nydj jeans that are nicely faded as well to make some boyfriend jeans.On the earlier advice of this thread i have kept some flattering wide-legged jeans that are long enough to brush the floor[and have never been worn].I have enough spare clothes to restock an average shop tbw.

ShirleySharpeyes Mon 22-Apr-13 15:22:57

Gosh I wish I could delve into my wardrobe and find similar riches! I am looking forward to getting all the summer stuff out and re-discovering a few things - but I'm not convinced it is truly warm enough for some of my pretty blouses and cotton skirts, so stuffed in a cupboard it remains, until perhaps next weekend. I know I've put on a few pounds with this extended winter, so need to get back to doing the shred on a regular basis....and eating less carbs/more salads as I realise I won't be able to hide in layers for much longer!

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 22-Apr-13 15:40:29

If I find something I've forgotten I had in my wardrobe I put it on eBay because it means I didn't know what to do with it.

I found an all saints bag last week, hadn't got a clue as to why I bought it in the first place.

teta Mon 22-Apr-13 15:41:53

One of the advantages of living in Asia for 7 years Shirley[and access to the wholesale shops/warehouses].I think i have enough cashmere to last the next 20 years[if the moths don't get it that is].

FrugalFashionista Mon 22-Apr-13 15:42:10

Teta fantastic discoveries! I went through my shoes last night and noticed I had worn out three pairs over last year - two pairs of black ballet flats and one of blue flats. Decided to wear two pairs of white shoes to death this summer grin

Lurking my python scarf is Roccobarocco, purchased at an Italian department store (COIN). It isn't a brand I would normally notice, but the scarf was very good value for 50€ - the silk is thick and the print high quality and the scarf is almost two meters long shock. Not available online unfortunately.

Indigo jeans are a classic item so if they look good on you, do wear them! I'm not a big trend forecaster but for some reason skinnies are not very popular where I live. In fact they now seem to be the 'frumpy' choice in my neighborhood. The exception is camouflage print skinnies - red hot around here. Other colored jeans haven't really taken off, possibly because they (combined with an open-necked white shirt and loafers on bare feet) have for many years been a part of the local male summer uniform.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 22-Apr-13 15:50:30

Which country are you in Frugal?

FrugalFashionista Mon 22-Apr-13 16:24:17

In Italy. And I'm puzzled because Italians really, really love blue denim in general. Maybe they are just bored?

Napoleon66 Mon 22-Apr-13 16:35:43

Hi, I found the last thread last week, read it all and then could not locate it again, glad you're all back!

A little bit about me: In May I will make my last payment of a 60 mth debt repayment plan. In the last year and a half I started buying myself clothes (I hadn't bought clothes for years, except when i needed it- I couldn't because i didn't have the money, it was as though i felt i could trust myself again. During the last 5 years my attitude has totally changed towards money, I'm more mindful of it and know only too well its value.

In the last year, in particular, i have become more minimalist minded, I realised that i didn't like having lots of stuff - it wasnt necessary. Last year I culled my wardrobe for two reasons i) i was sick to the back teeth of the stuff i'd been wearing for the last 6 or 7 years, a lot of which was 2nd hand when bought, and ii) I had my colours done as a birthday treat (winter). I do not have many clothes but what i have all go with each other, suits me, I enjoy getting dressed in the morning and wearing them.

I also follow the MNV too as i love clothes, beauty and style. I love the Frugal thread and find it refreshing and calming.

Apologies for the long into...Thank you for great thread.

FrugalFashionista Mon 22-Apr-13 17:15:53

Napoleon congratulations - well done with debt repayments! <can imagine how hard it must have been>

Envying you Winters - you've hogged the best colors!

Okay, today is another Day 1 of a new shopping ban. It's so easy for me to relapse, I'm very good at talking myself into buying. And it's super hard for me to get rid of things sad But making progress in several small ways. I'm really happy with my low-cost beauty finds - the Revlon eye palette from ca 2004 is ace and my skin is better than ever! Enjoying the empties (have used up a lip balm!), trying to replace them with nothing (have lots of backups). Wish I could do the same with clothes...

I have a mixed relationship with trends. I'm a classic dresser and I need some trendy stuff. But I'm also sick and tired of the too-fast cycles - it's burning out fashion designers too - and closets and landfills filled up with tat (only a small fraction of what we donate to charity is actually resaleable - have you ever been to the recycling center and seen the scary mountains of unwanted clothes). More and more interested in personal signature style...

QueenofWhatever Mon 22-Apr-13 17:43:50

Just back from the Post Office as I was sending off eBay parcels. That's another £90 in our Paypal, but not for clothes yet as we still want to make another £250 for our holiday fund. I started ebaying in earnest when on the minimalist threads and we have between us made well over £2k. The amount of stuff we all have can be quite shocking - still haven't missed or needed anything.

But even if I did have the money for clothes, I'm not clear in my head yet what I would want to buy. Now I need new colours (and will be stalking shirley as her stuff sounds perfect for me), but it's also what style, personality etc.

Reading the 'You Are What You Wear Thread' has had a real impact on me. When I get some time I want to go back to it a bit more. It really made me realise that I don't buy clothes for my lifestyle which is fairly relaxed and sedate. But I like my lifestyle and would hate formal events (for me, that includes dinner parties, 'event' parties), so don't know why I've been buying things that are too smart for the life I have and want.

However I must go and buy some bras as mine are a state and, having been on the bra intervention threads, I am also wearing the wrong size. I also need to resort out my make up, but that's not a priority right now.

frugal I'm with you on disliking the industry of fashion. What I find so effective is looking at the materials - anything that is more than 30% viscose or polyester is not something I want to be wearing - that negates about 75% of the stuff in the shops!

And frugal, well done on sorting the returns as I know that's hard for you.

DigWeedSow Mon 22-Apr-13 18:08:26

Hello Napoleon well done on the debt repayment, like you I'm quite minimalist minded which helps in keeping the amount of purchases down. I do love clothes though and have found that I get far more enjoyment from a few carefully chosen coveted pieces than from multiple cheap quick fixes.

Frugal another classic dresser here although I sometimes worry that I play it too safe sometimes. In my case I think that this is partly to do with not wanting to make mistakes and buy things that I'll regret so I stick with the safe option iykwim.

Queen Interesting what you say about buying clothes for your lifestyle. As someone who never attends formal functions why then did I buy a full length Grecian style pure silk evening dress a couple of months ago! blush

FrugalFashionista Tue 23-Apr-13 08:58:20

Dig I love Marlien Rentmeester's blog Le Catch for keeping up with trends. I've followed her a while and think I'm learning from her how to be a less-boring classic dresser! She's an ex fashion editor, a mother who does school runs (roughly my age), a New Yorker living in LA, and I absolutely love her nonchalant but chic take on accessories.

Today is going to be super-stressful so I got dressed very quickly and lunch is coming from the freezer. Outfit is adapted from Le Catch - this exact thing (white roll-up jeans + cream top) without the jacket and substituting either taupe white-tipped slingbacks or black cage wedges if/when I go out. And I happened to find the exact copy of this rather pricey Wonder Woman bracelet featured earlier on Le Catch for 10€ at the local department store - it jazzes up the all-white outfit and edits out the lingering nurse associations!

The frugal part? Underneath, an ancient white nursing tank top; the light sweater is my rescued-from-the-recycling-bag cream poly/viscose Zara top (that has turned out to be probably my favorite top this spring shock ) and, atm, for wearing around the house, very old white slip-on shoes (one of the pairs I intend to wear a lot this year).

This basic outfit can be varied a lot with different jackets, bracelets, shoes and the occasional scarf!

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