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How many bras do you own?

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everythingishoney Sat 20-Apr-13 08:04:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

I'm not sure I want to count blush

Excluding the "don't even remotely fit" box I would guess at 30. I'm around a 30HH-ish

Bravissimo - Satine in 2 colours, alana in 4 colours, Starlet, Betsy Bow, parisien plume (too small), demi diva (snug), dotty spot (too small)
Cleo - just the meg
Freya - erm - Jolie in 2 colours, Lyla in 2 colours plus about 3 or 4 others and the underwired sports bra
Curvy Kate - a Tempt me and 2 Tease Me
Wonderbra - 2 ultimate strapless
Fantasie - Florence
Masquerade - Delphi basque
Debenhams gorgeous - longline bra
Ewa Michalak - 4 of these....

Slight bra addiction - and most of these are sets too blush

MotherOfNations Sat 20-Apr-13 16:33:03

Is there anywhere that does maternity bras with matching knickers. I hate not having matching underwear.

MotherOfNations Sat 20-Apr-13 16:33:29


MacaYoniAndCheese Sat 20-Apr-13 16:38:50

2 good ones that fit (one black, one nude) and a whole bunch of crummy ones that I really need to throw away. Never buy matching sets; would rather spend money on clothes than undies.

Motherofnations Hotmilk do I think, and it looks like the Bravissimo ones have matching pants too

Also try some of these

MotherOfNations Sat 20-Apr-13 17:04:01

Thankyou statistically. I've been trying to put off buying some incase I grow again but its getting to the stage where I can't wait to get home and get my bra off.

MotherOfNations Sat 20-Apr-13 17:11:29

Most of those bottoms would really irritate a cesarean scar though.

I know, there are some ridiculously low ones. As a rule I've never found Freya bottoms a problem for my scar - although I tend to size up a bit in pants which helps. I think the ones which go with the Panache Sophie are probably ok - you can see they are actually rolled down under her bump rather than just being tiny smile

SorrelForbes Sat 20-Apr-13 17:20:08


Sorrell and Novice: unusual sizes are usually all that's left in decent bras in the sale!!! True but what's really sad is that actually 30GG shouldn't be considered an unusual size. Grrrrr.

Yes, 34DD, 32E, 28F etc etc - not big sizes at all!

MotherOfNations Sat 20-Apr-13 17:45:12

Some of the bras are lovely but most are too full in the cup for me. I get on better with balcony bras so my choice is reduced a bit.

nowahousewife Sat 20-Apr-13 17:47:34

About 15 that fit well and maybe 5 that don't. Bravissimo is my favourite shop and to make me feel even better about my oversized (34HH) mammary's. I always buy matching knickers wink.

Saddest thing that happened to me was leaving my favourite 5 bra's in my hotel room in LA recently. Had to make do with the one I was wearing for the rest of my holiday and felt a bit silly asking the hotel to post them back to the UK. Oh well, good excuse to go back to Bravissimo smile

DewDr0p Sat 20-Apr-13 18:53:00

Another Bravissimo fan here. But decent bras aren't cheap so I have to be fairly minimalist about my bra wardrobe.

At the moment I have 1 nude, 1 black, 1 blue, 1 patterned and a sports bra.

AlwaysSleepingBeauty Sat 20-Apr-13 20:51:35

I have four at the moment, a few months ago I got rid of all the ones that didn't fit and started again with some that do. I have three from the Rosie for Autograph range ( the same bra in three different colours...) and one black bullet bra from What Katie Did. I need to get another actually because I don't have any sensible colours!

everythingishoney Sun 21-Apr-13 02:15:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nowahousewife Sun 21-Apr-13 11:23:27

Flesh coloured are practical but if there's any chance of them being seen either under a v flimsy or strappy top then a flash of gorgeous contrasting colour can look much nicer than 'safe' boring flesh colour.

Bunbaker Sun 21-Apr-13 12:49:04

I don't like to see bras showing through clothes, but I am much older than most on here and not in the least bit "fashionable"

happyfreeconfused Sun 21-Apr-13 14:31:23

Sorry if I offended anyone by saying I've got loads of underwear! But seriously, how can you have one or two bras? I have had my nice underwear for years (15 years in some cases) and I don't think it's a case of what you can afford/having lots of money. I am not extravagant and when I read on these threads what people will spend on a handbag or various beauty products or treatments, I am shocked. It's probably just what you prioritise.

happyfreeconfused Sun 21-Apr-13 14:34:46

Maybe those who don't have much underwear throw it away regularly or have changed shape/size over the years?

Limoncellolovely Sun 21-Apr-13 14:39:10

Pooped over to the bra intervention thread and was inspired to be measured correctly in Bravissimo ended up ditching over 40 incorrectly sizes ones and now have 5 that fit which seems to work perfectly for me!!

ifancyashandy Sun 21-Apr-13 14:46:39

About 50. And I always buy 2 x knickers for each bra - thong and shorts/Brazilian. And I store all the knickers tucked inside the cup of the bra in the drawer. And always matching - my plain t-shirt bras in nude, black and white get matched with packs of M&S things in the same colour (and they have their own drawer!). Bras are not from M&S ever.

Bunbaker Sun 21-Apr-13 16:14:02

"Bras are not from M&S ever."

Mine are always grin

Because they fit me. I am not a bra snob and don't do the matching bra and knickers thing. And I don't wear thongs (shudder) I am not a teenager.

ifancyashandy Sun 21-Apr-13 16:18:15

They're not from M+S because they don't fit me. Not because of snobbery. I too am no longer in my teens. But I've got a hatred for feeling knickers or having a VPL under trousers. I've got a good arse & like to dress it to its full potential!

titan Sun 21-Apr-13 16:22:51

Three nice fairly expensive ones that fit well, are comfortable and I wear all the time. About 7 other random ones clogging up the drawer which I never wear. I can recommend a brand called Marie Jo.

Only one that fits at the moment - Anita underwired nursing bra in red/pink. I got it after seeing recommendations on here. It is the BEST nursing bra ever.

Have about 5 more non nursing bras - all Freya.

HalfBakedCleverCookie Sun 21-Apr-13 18:07:17

I have 4 normal that almost fit and about 20 that don't even come close.

2 nursing bras that did fit really well until recently and 4 more nursing bras that are way off.

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