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How many bras do you own?

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everythingishoney Sat 20-Apr-13 08:04:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

santamarianovella Sat 20-Apr-13 10:37:35

im one of those sad people who like to wear matching underwear,so i have about 15 sets,8 everyday bras ,2 strapless bras,5 frilly lacy ones,
and 3 sports bras.
im 32B sad so,most of my bras are padded.

singaporeswing Sat 20-Apr-13 10:50:32

Sorrell as a fellow 30GG, I feel your pain!

I probably have about 12-15 in various colours & styles.

dontyouwantmebaby Sat 20-Apr-13 10:57:26

am also a bit hmm at post above having 'tons of matching lingerie sets...but never wearing them'. Not everyone can afford loads of bras or matching sets!

IMO far better to have one or two properly fitted, comfortable bras than loads you will never get around to wearing. Not a fan of matching sets either altho I used to choose them waste money on them.

last year, for first time ever*, I got measured properly and have never looked back. I bought two nude bras, one plain t-shirt cup & the other prettier/lacy. The difference felt in wearing a properly fitted bra is incredible and although they were expensive, they've been worth every penny as I get so much wear out of them (unlike the others). I am a 34GG cup. Those bras were an investment.

bra links here:
taupe bestform bra
champagne t-shirt fayreform bra

I've recently bought a lovely triumph black bra to add to my new minimalist (!) collection. I still have a shock absorber sports bra since before I was fitted and a couple of white stretchy all-in-ones (that I'd never wear outdoors!).

*should have done this 20 years ago grin

BinksToEnlightenment Sat 20-Apr-13 10:58:50

I have lots, but currently only one that fits properly. I did have three in the same style but different colours but they suddenly stopped fitting me! So now I've gone back to an old one.

foxysocks Sat 20-Apr-13 11:00:25


and three sportsbras

i don't like matching underwear OR spending money on bras.

dontyouwantmebaby Sat 20-Apr-13 11:01:16

oh lots of posts appeared as I wrote that, I should add as I'm older am choosing for comfort now, probably a factor in me not bothering to choose matching sets as I did in my 20s!

Still18atheart Sat 20-Apr-13 11:04:33

About 9 which do fit

1 or 2 that don't

EMUZ Sat 20-Apr-13 11:11:45

Too many blush although I've sold a lot on eBay
Ones I wear
Bravissimo - darling heart bra, laurel bra, satine plunge bra
Panache - jasmine bra, elsa bra
Debenhams gorgeous range - a white, a black, and a red roses one
Around 12 Royce sports bras (mainly black but I have grey too) as I need a sports bra at least once sometimes twice a day
34J/JJ so bras aren't cheap

ballroomblitz Sat 20-Apr-13 11:17:47

Bra's that fit - three and one sports bra.

Ones that don't - about 20. Bought during pregnancy, nursing bras and ones that no longer fit since breastfeeding and my boobs seriously shrunk.

I'm really small chested so tend to wear those cropped vest things now.

Thurlow Sat 20-Apr-13 11:22:53

3. Bravissimo fit me really well, so once a year I go and get 3 new bras - one white, one black and one 'nice' (even the sales women describe them like that when I saw I want 3 bras!). I reckon after about a year of 3 on rotation they're starting to get a bit saggy etc. I don't mind just under £100 a year for something I have to wear every day, but I do have to remember a few months before I need more to start putting the money aside.

OneLittleLady Sat 20-Apr-13 11:36:38

About 9 I think. All but one of them fit me decently if not amazingly well. No 'nice' ones though, they are all just plain ones until I work out exact sizing in each of the brands I prefer.

Iwantmybed Sat 20-Apr-13 12:00:04

I have about 15. 5 in my size which I wear regularly. Asda do some pretty bras in larger sizes for £6. I always struggled getting 36F.

MeerkatMerkin Sat 20-Apr-13 13:35:25

4 that fit properly (of these 2 are expensive) that I rotate regularly, 3 nursing bras that fit beautifully but I haven't had the chance to wear yet (MC), 2 sports bras, one comfy but ill-fitting one in a shade of grey for slobbing around the house.

I binned all the ones that don't fit - I wore the wrong size for years and don't have room to store them. Actually I donated the nice ones.

TravelinColour Sat 20-Apr-13 13:43:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MotherOfNations Sat 20-Apr-13 14:14:31

Are you sure you're a 34DD because you describe them as "whopping" and a DD cup with a 34 back isn't very big at all.
A 40B has the same size cup as a 34DD. I myself am a 32E and my boobs are tiny.

MrsJohnDeere Sat 20-Apr-13 14:16:21

Haven't counted but I'd guess 30odd.

MotherOfNations Sat 20-Apr-13 14:16:35

To answer your question I've only got 6 bras at the moment.I really nerd some new ones though as now that I'm pregnant they are starting to get uncomfortable.

Bunbaker Sat 20-Apr-13 15:23:44

"I myself am a 32E and my boobs are tiny."

I doubt that they are that tiny. I am a 32B and mine are tiny.

MotherOfNations Sat 20-Apr-13 15:29:38

They really are small and are non existent when I take my push up bra off.

Thurlow Sat 20-Apr-13 15:38:37

Mother, I know what you mean. I'm a 30F but they really don't look that impressive grin

Heinz55 Sat 20-Apr-13 15:42:17

I was a 34C BC and am a 32FF after children shockshockshock and I now have about 30 bras in my drawer but three that I wear. I get fitted every couple of years because they change (apart from getting bigger as mine seem to keep doing despite weight lossconfused) and I keep the old ones in case my prayers are answered and they ever decrease. My last fitting showed that I'd gone down a back size and that the darlings need (nowadays) to be hauled UP from hiding under my arms and together.
Sorrell and Novice: unusual sizes are usually all that's left in decent bras in the sale!!!

MotherOfNations Sat 20-Apr-13 15:42:44

It winds me up so much Thurlow Apparently Kelly Brooke is the same size as me. Her boobs are massive. She definetly wasn't fitted at bravissimo it must have been M&S.

MrsHoarder Sat 20-Apr-13 15:51:56

I have:
- 1 nursing bra that fits well and gives me a nice silhouette
- 2 nursing bras that are very comfy but give me a bit of a monoboob look (stretchy ones for my labour bag)
- 2 nursing bras that fit ok and look nice
- 1 charity donation bag in the bottom if my wardrobe overflowing with bras that are currently far too small in various sizes.

Allthingspretty Sat 20-Apr-13 15:53:13

About 30 plus
All handwashed
All still fit and do their job well

LivesInLegoland Sat 20-Apr-13 16:15:30

After last week's Bravissimo revelation I now have five bras that fit and a bin liner of around 30 that don't !

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