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Zatchels flash sale

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AllTalkNo Fri 19-Apr-13 17:27:23

Zatchels are having a 24 hour 50% off sale tomorrow. It's advertised on their Facebook page. I'm tempted but don't know whether to go for a classic colour (probably the navy) or one of the metallics. Has anyone ordered from them and could you recommend a colour? Thanks!

Roobot Sun 09-Jun-13 22:59:03

Hmm. My 2 others arrived. I had changed my order from an 11 inch chestnut and a small yellow saddle bag to a 14.5 inch chestnut and a small yellow saddle bag. Guess what showed up. Yep. An 11 inch chestnut one. Not happy as the larger one was going to be a fathers day gift for DH for him to put the laptop in... Really pissed off, as not only have I waited patiently for weeks and weeks and weeks, but now i have the wrong bag and it will be a massive ballache to get it back for a replacement. WTF...

Birdies Mon 10-Jun-13 20:02:35

Just got a despatch email.

Have fainted.

vjg13 Tue 11-Jun-13 18:15:31

Me too!just after I emailed to cancel the order hmm

Doilooklikeatourist Wed 12-Jun-13 11:56:42

Made a phone call to Zatchels this morning , as my order is 'printed' whatever that means .
Phone answered promptly , my order is nearly ready and should be sent out this week .
I ordered on the first day of the sale , so a long time ago !
Will update when bags arrive .

Parabolica Wed 12-Jun-13 13:01:20

Mine have finally arrived. Dark brown leather satchel and the large pastel yellow saddle bag. People weren't kidding when they said the saddle bags were tiny. I can hardly fit my basic stuff (wallet, keys, phone & sunglasses) in even the large saddle bag. The brown satchel is lovely but v stiff and now I have it (naturally got totally carried away with the flash sale) I'm not quite sure when I'll actually use it confused

Birdies Wed 12-Jun-13 14:45:50

I've got mine now. But the straps are so long, why do they make them for giants?

KittieCat Wed 12-Jun-13 14:53:04

Mine have arrived. I LOVE my classic yellow satchel. Yes, the leather is stiff but it's a satchel, that's how satchels are meant to be.

I have used some leather cream on it and the buckle straps are now just perfect.

All I need now is some sunshine to go with the gorgeous sunshiney colour. I can honestly say if anyone is debating whether or not to get one, just do it. If you're half as pleased as I am you can't go wrong!

Thanks, Zatchels and a HUGE thanks to AllTalk for the heads up.

whats4teamum Wed 12-Jun-13 16:33:29

Still I wait.

Have been told definitely this week and some stuff about the leather not being in despite the fact it is the classic dark brown.

Totally lost interest in the bag now.

Theonlyoneiknow Wed 12-Jun-13 19:32:40

Mine has been dispatched but its a small saddle bag which by all accounts won't fit anything in.!

squoosh Wed 12-Jun-13 19:35:06

I'll be like Miss Havisham..................40 years from now, wandering around in my tatty old frock mumbling about my long lost red saddle bag.

vjg13 Thu 13-Jun-13 12:32:32

Mine have arrived, small Hello Kitty bag which my daughter likes and lace effect leather satchel which I may give as a present or keep for me.

Carolra Thu 13-Jun-13 14:37:42

Ok ladies... so can anyone tell me if the detachable strap should be detachable from both sides?? I paid extra to have the handle and detachable strap... but the clip is only on one side - so I can detach that and then tuck the whole thing in the bag, but that seems a bit ridiculous. I just wondered if anyone knew if it was supposed to be like that before I bother emailing them to ask about it...

2013letsdothis Thu 13-Jun-13 17:04:02

At this end of my tether now and furious... I moved houses a month ago and advised them (via several emails) of the new address to which they would need to deliver the bags. Dispatch email yesterday to, surprise surprise... my old address! Tried to cancel the delivery with Parcelforce but they were unable to do anything but deliver to the address Zatchels gave them. So, our buyers must have been out because I can see online that the parcel has been taken to our old post office, which I am unable to collect from as I don't have the calling card.

I have been ringing Zatchels all day yesterday and today, and I keep getting the recorded message telling me to email them. I have emailed several times, and yep, you guessed it, no response.

I don't really know what to do next really. Cannot collect from the post office, and Zatchels will not respond to my emails. I fear my bags languish for months in the po until they are returned to Zatchels...The worst thing is they took the money from my account the same day of the sale back in April.

Losing the will to live, wish I could cancel the whole things (incl a first bag I did get about a month ago... I wonder what their return policy is, considering they are hardly sticking to their delivery times?!).

Haven't seen such a shockingly bad service in my life before.

squoosh Thu 13-Jun-13 17:20:19

Cannot quite believe it but I have just received my despatch note!!!

Doilooklikeatourist Thu 13-Jun-13 18:05:43

Have had my bags today !

And they are beautiful .

Good .

GrandPoohBah Thu 13-Jun-13 21:15:09

I emailed them. Explained it was a birthday present for over a month ago, and that I was exceedingly unimpressed that they'd prioritised as-yet-unsold BrandAlley stock over existing customers' orders.

Got some guff back about how the leather for my bag wasn't in stock. No answer to my other points. Not sure I even want the bloody thing now.

Birdies Thu 13-Jun-13 21:23:24

Despite the slightly random response to emails (I don't get that at all - sometimes they respond, sometimes they don't), the two bags Ive received are gorgeous - beautifully made and I can actually fit everything I wanted to in my small saddle bag.

So, i would say that even though i started to wonder if i would even want them when they srrived, for the price i think they were worth the wait.

Doilooklikeatourist Thu 13-Jun-13 22:15:24

I agree , the half price makes it completely worth the wait .

oohaveabanana Thu 13-Jun-13 22:19:31

Ours arrived today: a proper work satchel for dg, which is lovely; a little red satchel for me - which is gorgeous. And a saddle bag & a barrel bag which I love less ( one for me, one die my little sister) - they're cute - bus somehow the stiff leather doesn't work so well. Will see if they bed in....

squoosh Fri 14-Jun-13 13:38:26

My large red saddlebag finally arrived! Huzzah.

Love it, not bothered now that I had to wait so long. Not loads of space inside but that suits me as I hate lugging lots of crap around with me. It's the one area of my life in which I'm minimalist. smile

Carolra Thu 20-Jun-13 18:57:22

Had a really positive customer services experience... Decided to email them yesterday about my dodgy satchel strap... They called me within about 15 mins of sending email and a new strap arrived today... I'm really impressed!

AcrylicAfternoons Thu 20-Jun-13 21:18:22

I had a really negative customer services experience. I rang them last week to cancel my order as, to be honest I'm sick of waiting.

I'm still waiting for my refund confirmation email and refund.

They've had my money for 2 months the cheeky fuckers sad

greyvix Thu 20-Jun-13 23:12:10

I am also continuing to have issues with customer services. One minute I speak to someone who says they will resolve the query immediately, but 3 days later I am still waiting; the next minute I have an e mail response from someone else, saying something totally different.
I am astounded that, given the total overload of the system, the phone is still shut down on the dot. Has nobody at Zatchels ever heard of overtime or staying a bit later to cope with the issues? Could they not employ some temp. workers to man the phone/ email?

Roobot Fri 21-Jun-13 13:37:48

And there is another sale on Brand Alley...

Freezingtoes Wed 26-Jun-13 22:35:52

I ordered a Zatchel for my daughter during their flash sale. I have a record of the payment being taken from my Paypal account but no order number or confirmation from Zatchel. I have sent eight e mails and received only one reply. Due to the fact I have been waiting so long I am now too late to raise a case through Paypal.
I am at my wits end trying to deal with this company, truly dreadful service.

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