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Please can anyone help me find a belt?

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RemindMeWhatSleepIs Thu 18-Apr-13 23:02:14


Please can someone help me find a belt? I need one that will hold my jeans up but not look lumpy under long tops. I've had 2 babies so I have enough lumpy bits of my own without the belt adding extra lumps! smile

I had one before that worked but I've lost a bit of weight and now its too big (fabric so can't add extra holes). Not sure how to describe it but the end of the belt went through the buckle and rested underneath the belt rather than sticking out- if that makes sense.

Thank you!

SirToffeeDoris Thu 18-Apr-13 23:35:30

This might need an instruction manual to work out... but it says "flat" so I'm proferring it anyway

RemindMeWhatSleepIs Fri 19-Apr-13 04:17:38

Thank you! Looks good. I'll have a proper look in the morning. smile

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