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Cocktail dress shopping in Kingston

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CherryEmma Thu 18-Apr-13 17:00:57

Did anyone go to this last month? Is it worth waiting to try it for a stylish cocktail dress? Been invited to a stylish do with the husband in July and don't know where to start.

Do any of you stylish Kingstonites visit the talk boards on Local btw? As the Editor for MN Local Kingston, I'd really like to build a community and engage locals in chat but it's not happening confused.

Any tips? What would make you go there/is stopping you now?

IfYoureHappyAndYouKnowIt Thu 18-Apr-13 17:10:25

I didn't think those boards were used much so don't look there tbh. Should I go? wink

CherryEmma Thu 18-Apr-13 22:42:26

Yes please! Bit chicken and egg really, as people don't stay or post because there's not much on there but that won't change until they do confused! Any tips to move people like you over to Local (not instead of here but as well as)?

Snowgirl1 Thu 18-Apr-13 23:02:31

I go there occasionally and have responded to posts - but it sooo quiet over there! I've just been over there and have posted a response, so maybe doing things like you've done by posting on main MN to nudge people over there would work?

IfYoureHappyAndYouKnowIt Fri 19-Apr-13 08:24:56

I've been trying to add the topic to my mobile topics for the last twenty four hours but can't find it as a topic on my mobile list. This doesn't help. Is it not a 'topic'?

IfYoureHappyAndYouKnowIt Fri 19-Apr-13 08:30:38

Looking at it now then it's not part of the main site? So I can't access it as part of my app and flip to it as a 'topic. When I click on your link below I would have to log in to post. I can't remember my password and never use it so that would stop me. I just tried to post on a topic there and couldn't easily.

CherryEmma Fri 19-Apr-13 19:05:56

Thank you Snowgirl1! IfYoureHappyAndYouKnowIt I'll pass your feedback to MNHQ to see what they say. Thanks both.

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