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Ear Piercing

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scarredpierced Thu 18-Apr-13 11:08:04

This is a real bugbear of mine to be honest so bear with me...

When taking your children to get their ear lobes pierced, please don't take them to Claires or to your local beauty salon. These places use guns. There is a motion going through parliament to ban these guns and for very good reason.

1. The guns, being made out of cheap plastic, cannot be autoclaved. The best they can do is wipe them down. This is not an adequate form of cleaning or sterilisation. It won't remove any contaminated blood off the gun.

2. The "piercer" has had 2 weeks "training" at best. This would have consisted of watching others getting pierced and then attempting it themselves on a teddy bear.

3. This great method also causes great tissue trauma in your ears. The gun literally rips a hole in your ear to put the earring in. It should be called ripping, not piercing.

4. Their cleaning advice is very questionable. Twisting the earring only opens the wound and allows more bacteria to enter, this can cause infection.

Please, just because you know XYZ who had a "successful" piercing at these places doesn't mean that they are the be all and end all. The piercer will LOVE you for choosing to take your child there and not Claires/beauty salon.

phantomhairpuller Thu 18-Apr-13 11:12:13

I had all my ear piercings done with a gun, as did my friends. And there's nowt wrong with any of us shock

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