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Stud earrings which fold against back of lobe (instead of a butterfly)

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forcookssake Wed 17-Apr-13 22:42:16

Anyone have a clue what I mean?
I'm sure there it's a style of stud earring where the stem has a hinge on it-so basically you stick it through your ear then just fold it over.
I am suck to death of losing the butterfly backs but have had no success finding this high tech solution... Did I dream it?!

TotallyEggFlipped Wed 17-Apr-13 22:44:16

I used to have some. It was called andralok or something.

ChablisLover Wed 17-Apr-13 22:44:20

Nope. You didn't dream it.

Mum wears these as she finds it easier on her ears.

The only place I've born able to find them is Argos.

If anyone else knows of somewhere else I'd love to know

ChablisLover Wed 17-Apr-13 22:44:51

Oops ' been

forcookssake Wed 17-Apr-13 22:44:55

angry sIck to death..typing on phone!

MrsCosmopilite Wed 17-Apr-13 22:45:00

I know what you mean - they sort of fold flat, like cufflinks. No idea how to 'describe' them to search online for them though.

I always wear sleepers (but not the clunky ones, just thin metal hoops) as they lay flat when you're laying on your ear. Hate the butterfly backs!

If it's just backs you need, you can buy plastic/silicone ones in multi-packs fairly cheaply.

TotallyEggFlipped Wed 17-Apr-13 22:48:20

Google andralok. There are loads online.

forcookssake Wed 17-Apr-13 22:49:20

Hurray I didn't dream it grin
It's not only finding the butterflies fiddly but laying on them is really uncomfortable.
So, Andralok you say? And/ or Argos?
Brilliant, that's given me something to go on.

PenfoldRocks Thu 18-Apr-13 12:42:50

They are fab - you can wear them all the time without them digging in - hats, sleeping, anything.
I got my last lot from FJ Hinds in our local mall.

MotherOfNations Thu 18-Apr-13 12:47:36

I need some of these for Dr. We spent the morning in a&e a couple of weeks back after the butterflies some how managed to become stuck in her ears.

MotherOfNations Thu 18-Apr-13 12:49:19

For Dd obviously, not my doctor.

forcookssake Thu 18-Apr-13 19:12:20

Thank you wise MNetters, your advice means that a pair of studs are on their way to me now. Hurray!

travailtotravel Fri 19-Apr-13 19:47:47

They can sometimes be referred to as leverbacks ....

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