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HappilyChatterly Wed 17-Apr-13 20:19:08

Hi folks,

I have loads and loads of black heads, some horribly nig ones and millions (possibly squillions) of little ones, its as though all of my pores are blocked. I've been a bit low the last couple of years and have not looked after my (oily) skin. I really want to get rid of them. Pore strips dont work.

I was thinking of some hardcore facials? I'm also worried about being left with loads of massive empty pores.

Does anyone have any experience, advise or recommendations?

Thanks in advance,


Elkieb Wed 17-Apr-13 20:24:20

I had a bad blackhead phase a few years ago and went for a special facial which cleared my skin out properly and didn't leave lots of holes! My skin got loads better afterwards and I've just kept up cleaning it with a decent face wash.

I have found that the salycic acid stuff from Bravura has worked wonders on my skin and reduced clogged pores imensley

kiwigirl42 Wed 17-Apr-13 20:40:06

Le Roche Posay Effaclar K (if you just need blackheads clearing and general exfoiliation) or Duo (if you have active acne)

I've used the K version for a month and its decreased my blackheads/ pore size by at least half. Its got rid of all the dry skin bits on face and side of nose too and skin feels really smooth. I could feel a zit coming on nose a few nights ago and put good coating on and it actually stopped it developing which impressed me. I've since bought the effaclar H foam cleanser and effaclar moisturiser. I'm slowly going to get all my skin care from this range.

HappilyChatterly Wed 17-Apr-13 21:10:29

Thank you all. Elkieb, was it a particular brand of facial?

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