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Both I and DD1 (12) need help!

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WockClotching Wed 17-Apr-13 13:54:24

Right, you amazing lot smile...

My work uniform requires black, boot-cut trousers. All winter I have been wearing smart ankle boots underneath, but what to do in summer? I can't have any kind of heel, and preferably need footwear that can take an orthotic insole. Sexy or what! Can't be flip-flop-casual, can't keep ballet pumps on my skinny feet. What to buy??

As for DD - her uniform is skirt and tights in winter. Now spring is here, what to do? Can't see her wearing tights when it gets hot, but short socks and above-knee skirt looks a bit weird imo. Also what sort of shoes to get for year 7 that will cope with a 1 hour commute/walk to school, and yet not stick out for being really uncool?

Please help us both shock. I am style free sad

bigTillyMint Wed 17-Apr-13 14:24:45

DD wears tights (opaque black) and Kickers (black boots) all year round.

Would chunky wedges be any good with your trousers?

gruffalocake Wed 17-Apr-13 15:17:45

I think both of you could try a pair of loafers. More structure than ballet flats but not too heavy. Asos would probably have good ones for dd and clarks might work for you especially insert wise.
Different areas seem to have different teen fashions though so worth getting dd to check out what is the 'done thing' at her school before buying. Some schools i've seen seem to wear knee high socks with flat shoes which would have been incredibly geeky when I was at school but obviously is a look for some!

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