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Oh my god my skin looks amazing!

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badtasteyoni Wed 17-Apr-13 12:39:39

And it only cost me £4 (ish).

This morning I tried Nivea Daily Essentials Tinted Moisturiser for the first time - I was thinking I would use it as a base and put my usual gunk over the top - but then on looking in the mirror I realised my skin looked flawless just from using the Nivea shock. I just popped to the loo and did a double take at myself in the mirror - my skin still looks amazing!

Just wanted to share as I am very very shock that something so cheap could be so amazing smile

pocketandsweet Wed 17-Apr-13 12:52:29

I love this stuff.... I look out for offers and it's even cheaper.

wetsand Wed 17-Apr-13 12:52:51

It's fab isn't it! Sadly it gave me big red spots on my already acne prone skin so I've stopped using it, but it is lovely <wistful>

twolittlemonkeys Wed 17-Apr-13 12:58:00

Making a mental note. My skin is spot prone and I'm always on the lookout for a miracle fix to hide it without making me look too 'done'.

JohnSnowsTie Wed 17-Apr-13 12:58:25

Thanks OP, will purchase. Do you know if it has SPF?

badtasteyoni Wed 17-Apr-13 13:05:29

Yes it says it is SPF 8.

Honestly, I am truly amazed. Usually I need a good gloop of foundation & concealer every morning to make me look human and by lunchtime it's half disappeared and my nose is all shiny -but today I still look perfect - no touch up necessary at all!

<preens> grin

badtasteyoni Wed 17-Apr-13 13:09:06

I wish you could all feel my face, truly grin

Quenelle Wed 17-Apr-13 13:10:56

I bought two tubes a couple of weeks ago because it was 2 for 1 and found it too dark. The first day I put it on I caught myself in the mirror on the way out and had to go back upstairs and wash it off.

I now use a tiny dot mixed with another moisturiser and it's not too bad, but still not the even, dewy look I used to get with Botanics Face Renewal Cream with SPF15. Gutted that Boots have discontinued it sad.

pocketandsweet Wed 17-Apr-13 13:11:15

Every once and awhile I think " Maybe I should try Laura Mercier or one of the other foundations/ tinted moisturisers that everyone goes on about " but frankly I can't imagine it being much better than the Nivea.

badtasteyoni Wed 17-Apr-13 13:13:13

Quenelle I can imagine it could be dark for some people - I have quite dark/olive skin tone (mediterranean roots) and the colour is perfect for me.

Quenelle Wed 17-Apr-13 13:46:21

I have the same mediterranean colouring so I thought it would be ok. Maybe my skin is getting lighter with age.

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