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So what's good on the high street at the moment?

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freddiefrog Wed 17-Apr-13 11:52:00

I've been in a spending ban and have saved a fair wodge of spends which is burning a massive hole in my pocket

I have to leave my back water to hit the big city (well, Southampton) for work appointment next week. I'll have most of the day after so I'm planning to indulge in a high street mooch without whinging kids and husbands.

Except, I don't really need anything

I'm completely sick of the sight of my winter wardrobe, but it's still bloody freezing so I can't get my head around buying summer stuff - in fact, I've got un/barely worn stuff from last year so don't want anything that screams summer and I can still wear for autumn/winter iyswim

I never get the opportunity to just mooch solo around shops that don't sell fishing tackle so don't want to pass up the chance by being sensible, so what can I buy???

AmberNectarine Wed 17-Apr-13 12:43:49

Gap is having a great season - I have had loads out of there lately. Really good sale at the moment too.

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