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any advice for products to rid DS (17) of back spots / acne?

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StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Tue 16-Apr-13 20:15:25

just that really, any miracle products or advice out there to help.

ParsleyTheLioness Tue 16-Apr-13 20:16:54

Dermalogica do a fab teenage range. Not cheap, but economical to use, so cheaper per use than it looks.

Bonsoir Tue 16-Apr-13 20:17:22

You need to take him to a dermatologist. The only thing that works is prescription medicine.

Fairylea Tue 16-Apr-13 20:17:29

Definitely get to the gp and ask for duac gel. It is the only thing that worked for me. And I tried everything!

AssamAndDarjeeling Tue 16-Apr-13 20:21:01

A doctor.

Seriously, acne is a medical issue. So many people suffer through thinking its just bad luck/ a case of using the right facewash, me included. I went to the docs and was prescribed the pill and hey presto, beautiful clear skin. Miraculous.

Obv the pill won't help your ds but there are lots of other approaches too.

nilbyname Tue 16-Apr-13 20:23:16

Poor chap, get to the Drs asap.

If he is not already doing so, make sure he is keeping his skin clean, drinking lots of water and not to pick, squeeze or touch his skin!

PreciousPuddleduck Tue 16-Apr-13 20:28:59

Agree with GP option

YoniTrix Tue 16-Apr-13 20:47:19

GP definitely. I was prescribed some pills as a teenager that I don't think were contraceptive pills and they helped a lot.

Mominatrix Tue 16-Apr-13 20:54:27

Once it is treated, a good skin routine is essential:

- wash and condition hair frequently, if oily. Avoid using loads of hair products
- wash pillowcases frequently
- have a very good skin routine (very gently cleanser and a non-comedogenic moisturiser twice a day)
- once the slightest red spot starts, treat vigorously with a benzoyl peroxide/salacylic acid product.

Poor chap. I am NOT looking forward to having to deal with this with DSs.

Marylou2 Tue 16-Apr-13 21:04:50

Agree that a trip to GP is needed. I don't know if anyone saw the fantastic results achieved with a boy of a similar age on Channel 4s Food Hospital. He followed a low GI eating plan and the results were amazing. I think there was a clinical rationale behind it regarding hormonal/insulin production and acne.
Good luck to you and your son.

Tiggygirl Tue 16-Apr-13 21:57:21

Please take him to your GP .There is so much that can be done these days to help acne and no one needs to suffer like they used to .My ds 15 had really bad skin and it was starting to spread to his back .He has been on antibiotics ( sorry cant remember the name at the moment ) for the last 6 months and have seen a huge improvement .

iMe Tue 16-Apr-13 22:02:24

Duac. It will stain coloured pillowcases though so make sure he has a White/cream one. Usually applied at night so he should wear an old t-shirt. Swap coloured towels for White/old.

Yonihadtoask Tue 16-Apr-13 22:19:34

I also say a trip to the GP.

Phineyj Tue 16-Apr-13 22:21:37

I have found that applying face pack in liberal quantities deals with back spots (not serious acne though).

ChocolateCremeEggBag Tue 16-Apr-13 23:55:58

Tea tree oil sparingly applied over the spots - until you can get to see GP

TheSecondComing Wed 17-Apr-13 00:03:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Wed 17-Apr-13 11:01:22

Thanks all, he is giving a microfibre cloth a go and a spray that was featured on embarrassing bodies apparently so if this doesnt work its GP. good advice.

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