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Don't Monsoon do a petite range anymore?

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LittleMachine Mon 15-Apr-13 20:34:45

I've just been trying to struggle in to a Monsoon petite range maxi dress from pre-pregnancy, and after much blood (almost), sweat and tears (mine and DPs) it's not happening.
I wanted to wear it to a wedding on Saturday. So now I need a new dress. I used to like Monsoon for wedding wear, but just had a look and they don't seem to have a petite range anymore. Does anyone know if that's right?

It's probably too late to find anything now, so I'll have to wear rags something I've already got.
Petite ranges are seriously lacking in nice maxi dresses that are present in normal ranges. I don't like my legs.

Murraylover Mon 15-Apr-13 20:41:16

Online only. & a bit jazzy,mon_1.2/3532990808
They still do short length denims/trousers instore

LittleMachine Mon 15-Apr-13 20:50:06

Thanks Murray. I did have a look, but sometimes I don't know what I'm looking at on my phone.

Might try asos again.

<curses newly formed back fat>

<curses funny coloured legs>

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